Chanel's not so Sweet Smell

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A story to tell about Coco Chanel

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Submitted: April 24, 2012



Chanel's not so Sweet Smell

The Fashion House founder, Coco Chanel

Was a society beauty, we know it well.

During the second world war she shirked,

Away from French boys with Nazis to flirt.

German officers of the highest class

Would raise their brimming champagne glass

To her as she was very warm,

Only too happy for them to stay till dawn

In her luxury hotel Ritz

In the centre of Paris glitz.

She was almost the perfect spy

But did get discovered by and by,

But as their was no proof or papers

About her little Nazi capers,

She got away with it scot free

Only losing a little popularity.

She had to go to away unplanned

To pleasant neutral Switzerland

As after the war it was a bit unsafe

For her to be seen about the place,

But a few years later she came back

To Paris, to the Ritz hotel, in fact,

Where she lived out her many days

Unmarried but enjoying life’s ways.

She founded Chanel after the war

Around 1954.

But nowadays we seem to have forgotten

That this sweet smelling lady was actually quite rotten.

Chanel No. 5 perfume

Which makes the richest celebrities swoon

Still carries, if you smell it carefully,

Not quite that odour of sanctity

Just a soupcon of dishonesty,

Although you may prefer to disagree.

The lingering fragrance of “espionne”

Or “espion” for her male “compagnon”

Can still be sensed by the very astute

Who may think to question her good repute.

It sounds so much more luxurious in French

In English “spy” would merely cause offence.

That is the secret hidden deeply

Within this perfume bottle sweetly

Odorising the ambiance

Where only the richest nonchalance

And only the most beautiful celebrities

Will be happy to wear it, not knowing what it is.

You may find a bottle hanging around

In a secluded corner with a renowned

German aristocrat from World War 2.

Would you want to shake his hand, or wouldn’t you?

The aroma of espionage that lingers

Long after her embrace has slipped from your fingers

May just cause that smell to go stale

As you consider the facts of her life and go pale

With horror or hatred. How you have been conned.

You gave Chanel money and she did abscond.

She’s laughing all the way to the bank,

But for that you will only have me to thank,

As perhaps I have shattered your pleasant dream,

Your romantic evening with your beauty queen

Has left you with a bad taste in the mouth.

Not quite as you’d expected, the evening turned out.

As you held her in your strong manly arms

The tempting spy used all of her charms

To get you to give her what she really wanted.

A cheque from your book, and now you’re affronted.

You mean to say I’ve been spun a lie

By a Second World War Nazi spy?

‘Fraid so, old chap, jolly bad show.

She was a bit of a goer, that lady, though.

And that perfume I can’t forget

It even lingers on my clothes yet.

Oh Chanel, I fell for your charms,

You swooned and then I was totally disarmed.

You seemed to be giving me everything

But my guard was down and I didn’t feel a thing.

Your beautiful scent made me completely yield

To you alone so I dropped my shield.

I told you all my secrets. I opened my heart

But you told your German boyfriend and it broke me apart.

Never again by a perfume I’ll be swayed

Who knows what about it may have stayed

Long after she has said “Au revoir”

Time to wash my hands of her and her perfume by far.

Don’t think I’ll buy this one for the wife,

She may discover the real Chanel, and that could cause some strife.

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