Don't Kid Yourself

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How long will it last? Relationships

Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012



Don’t Kid Yourself

My in box with her short sweet texts is quickly filling up,

And they are oh so wonderful, I don’t want them to chuck.

I expect it will soon wear off in another couple of days.

In the mean time I walk around in a bit of a loved-up daze.

So difficult to understand quite what she means sometimes,

And all my frustrated attempts to read between the lines

Just meet with a short sharp rebuke. It’s the dog house for me!

I wish I could have fathomed her deep meaning easily.

It seems on broken glass I tread, so carefully I must go

Or I will fast offend her, and it’s sure to be no-no.

Not sure how much I still can take of all this back and forth

I don’t know where it’s leading yet. Marriage? Maybe. Of course

I’d better not hold out much hope, just keep that frame of mind

That anytime soon she will not want to be wined and dined.

So that’s that. Tschüs, she’ll say, perhaps Adieu or Au revoir,

Ciao-ciao, Asta luego, Bonne journée or just Bonsoir,

Arrivederci, Adesso é finito, Auf Wiedersehen,

I can be 100% sure I won’t see her again.

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