Limericks on Continental Women

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Limericks on French, German and Italian ladies

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012



Women on the Continent

A German girl I met, Ulrike,

I went out of my way to seek her,

In German we spoke,

But in English she joked,

She told me, “You nice boy, you lecker”


I met a French girl called Sandrine

Who just loved her maison to clean.

She hoovered and polished,

Washed, dusted and solaced

Herself with her friend Monsieur Sheen.


I was pleased to find out Alessandra

Didn’t like going out with a philanderer,

As I had stayed chaste

And appeared not in haste

I won her at last with my candour.


The Italian girl Giuseppina,

Whose diet made her leaner and leaner

Just wasted away.

Well that’s what they say,

Though a doctor was said to have seen her.

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