Limericks on il Presidente

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Big names at a big meeting

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



Limericks on Il Presidente

There was a president called Achmedinajad

Who couldn’t believe all the luck he had.

A warm standing ovation

From the Venezuelan nation

Who perceived him no more as a man who’s mad.


Another one called Lukashenko,

Europe’s last dictator they call him though,

At that party appeared

To that nation endeared,

With kudos on stage international now.


Some leaders live on in formaldehyde

Such as Lenin, by all Russians lionised.

Then there’s Stalin and Mao,

Preserved I don’t know how,

And Chavez remains chemically to guide.


I have quite a soft spot for Hugo

Built schools, hospitals, for the poor cared, though

He did stage a coup

Back in 1992

Or thereabouts, knowing 2 years of prison’s woe.

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