Please don't take it Personally

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ever misinterpreted half a text message?

Submitted: May 15, 2012

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Submitted: May 15, 2012



Please don’t take it personally

“Please don’t take it personally”

Her latest text said to me.

At this I came over all cold

And suddenly felt very old.

Her meaning seemed at last so clear,

I had been dumped was now my fear.

Another text arrived as well.

But the two only made an interpreter’s hell.

The second one had come 10 days before,

But now the new context was “There’s the door”

That’s what I thought she was saying to me

With “I’m finding I have some beautiful jewellery!

Just going through it and rediscovering it”,

Must mean another her fire has lit.

Some old flame must have reappeared

Just in time to reduce me to tears.

An old boyfriend must have got in touch

Saying that he loved her very much,

So I was straight away put to one side,

As in a subtle way I was bye byed.

I phoned her on the land-line to get it clarified,

Nervous and worried our friendship had died.

The first part of her message had not arrived

Saying she was “still at work“. What? 7.05?

Thankfully I got the wrong end of the stick

So things might still be on for a little bit.

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