Poetry Writing is all Technique Pt 3

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More famous bards and their poems quoted

Submitted: February 02, 2012

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Submitted: February 02, 2012



Poetry Writing is all Technique Pt 3

Another French playwright I quote. His name’s Racine this time

(who lived from 1639 to 1699).

Unlike our dear friend Molière, he wrote more tragedies

And in his day may have been quite a big wig in show biz.

He wrote, although he did not act, unlike J-B Molière,

And later on worked for the king at court. Amazing! There?

King Louis XIV’s secretary, historiographer,

Treasurer of France as well, says the biographer.

A flourishing career at court, he could live off his plays,

But he left that for quite a time, until his latter days.

Molière, I forgot to say, was his contemporary,

Approximately, but his plays were a good deal more merry.

He tended to write comedies, in Paris lived and worked,

He even for the King performed. Didn’t he have all the perks?

His dates? From 1622 to 1673.

The friendship he had with Racine fizzled out easily:

Racine stole his best actresses and used another troupe,

So naturally poor Molière felt he’d been somewhat duped.

Try Wikipedia if you would like to find out more,

They’re interesting biographies. I wish I’d known before.

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