To a Writer with 251 Fans

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

with so many fans , who needs another? One way questions

To A Writer with 251 Fans

With no shortage of admirers,

251 !, that does inspire us,

It’s surprising that you need

Yet more feedback, and will heed

Even what I have to say.

I could comment anyway,

Try to come up with a trite,

Pithy, summary, erudite

Sounding saying you may feel

That does not just make a meal

Of it. Not too wearisome,

Language not too cumbersome,

Something you can quickly scan,

Save, consider or just can,

Maybe even browse my work

For some lines to make you smirk.

As I look over your site

Something does seem not quite right.

“Reading Requests are now closed”

So for me you’re indisposed,

Unavailable just now.

Pity that. I wonder how

To get you to read my stuff.

This is all one way. A huff

I go off in straightaway.

You won’t spend the time of day

Reading my work anyway.

I may have something you like

Inspire you yet more to write.

Of your poems I’ve read two,

Glanced them over as you do.

Sorry, couldn’t find the rhyme

Or the rhythm all the time,

Found hard to appreciate

What’s been there for a long date,

Novels, tomes, are all on-line

But not sure I have the time

To read reams of cyber paper

When I have three books for “later”

Due back at the library soon,

But you may not like that tune.

Found a third poem I liked

Bit depressing, late at night

Better not to read or ponder

As my mind downwards may wander.

I hope I do not offend

As this offering I send.

Your site has inspired me

To write somewhat easily.

Not the answer you may want

Let’s see where it leads. You can’t?

Now I’ll have to wait and see

If you do get back to me.

I will say goodbye for now

Au revoir, adieu, ciao ciao,

How about Auf Wiederlesen?

We’ll read again and gaze on

One another’s poetry

Doesn’t take too long really.

Submitted: April 22, 2012

© Copyright 2022 towers of academe. All rights reserved.

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