Love and Lifes spell

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Me in love, threats around me and what I desire to do.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



Love and Life

I aspire to be a living soul that takes the unwritten and unleashes a tale that depicts the journey that my life shall take. There are captured images of the past that I have led, but the present time reveals plentiful ideas of a sacred future. From the fresh air of new days to long years ahead those are not yet in my grasp. Love… a feeling indeed. It intoxicates you. Once you have fallen for the spell you will inhale the essence of it from then onwards. Happiness floats around in a soapy bubble that at any given moment can POP from the touch of an inquisitive finger. This intense but warm emotion is one that torments lonely lingering creatures. Friction tears through a human who overlooks beautiful couples who are eloped in each other’s love. Hatred boils inside their stomach. Stay away! Float off into the distance beyond all that stormy weather. Find yourself and your love; do not lust after those who are not yours to indulge. But if you are fortunate, cherish your lovingly connection like golden jewels locked in your chest. The key is forever yours.


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