Will the Sun ever Shine

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Will the Sun Ever Shine
Nearly ten years has passed since Abrey and her family had to moved into the underground city, "I hate that I was born on the day civilization was wipe out by nuclear war"Arbrey said softly to herself, Aubrey had dreamed the same dream for a whole year, that made her believe that she would see the sun.

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Submitted: May 23, 2012




Copyright 2012 by Toya Jordan

All Rights Reserved


Chapter I


I was born on September 21, 2020 on that day Nuclear War was declared against America.My mother told me it was one of the mostbeautiful days she could remember seeing in New York City. She said the city was basking in a beautiful fall day. 

My mother said she had just returned home from her visit to the Doctor, she was sitting in her favorite chair gently rubbing her stomach, whiles thinking about my arrival when my father came into the room and announced, we have to pack we are moving into the underground city, I just got off the phone with General Bright, he said that we are heading into a nuclear war.

My Dad had helped to build the city that we live in under New York City. He told me that he never thought in his wildest dreams that he would live in the underground city.

My Mother said she stood in the large picture window of their apartment and held her stomach as she looked out over her beloved city of New York. Then she reached for her camera and started sapping pictures. She said tears were streaming down her face as she clicked away, thinking these would be the memories she would share with me.  She told me she was gripped with fear and worries from that moment on, that fear and worry was what brought me into the world ahead of schedule.



It has been 10 years since anyone has seen the sun. All who had survived the nuclear bomb had dug themselves deep into the earth to survive.  Every year people would gather in the light room. It was called that because this room had the only window that was 1000’s of feet high in the place that we lived.

There had not been anything but darkness seen through the window. The celebration for light had since stopped and only a few people gathered in the room every year with the hope that today would be the day that the sun would shine its light on her favorite park bench. 

Arbrey stood up from the chair and laid down the pictures her mother had taken before she was born.  There was one picture she held in her memory, it was a picture of a park on a foggy day with silhouettes of trees outlining the walk way and a bench illuminated by a light shinning down upon it.

 Her mother had told her that the bench was illuminated by a lamp. She told her mother that it was the sun not a light shining on the bench. Even though she had only seen the sun on DVDs, pictures, and painted pictures, she believed that it was the sun shining on the bench. She held the picture up to her mother and said no lamp could cast such a beautiful light.

From that moment on she had imagined she was seated on that bench basking in the sun light, whiles all the citizens watched in amazement. She had started believing that one day it would happened that the Sun would shine again.  No matter how many years she had gone without the sun she knew it would come out again.


“Come on Mom we can’t disappoint father he is waiting for us in the light room”. The light room resembled her favorite picture. Her father had done his best to make the light room look like the park on the picture. Many people had told him that his trees look real and he had made the park bench identical to the one in the picture. He had even put up a lamp post to illuminate the bench.

Morgan moved off the chair and lets her daughter lead her from their apartment. She followed her daughter up the familiar path to the light room. She had tired of coming to the light room. She did not believe she would ever see the sun again. There was talk of sealing up the light room because itmade some of the people give up hope of ever seeing the sun. Her husband thought that it would give people hope to have a window to the outside world. But instead some of the people went mad thinking that one day they would be in complete darkness because of the rumors of the gasoline dwindling that kept the generators operating.

Everyone had to start cutting back on their use of their lights. There was a curfew for lights, everyone had to use their lights doing the time that the commander said they could.Now that there was a restriction on the usage of lights, it was causing many people to become angry and hopeless.

Mark told her that if the sun did not come out they would never be able to live on the top of earth that only the sun could make the earth livable. He said that they had maybe 2 years left of gasoline and the candle making department was also running out of the material to make candles.

She had been told that some people had attempted to live on top but it was near to impossible the radiation had killed all the vegetation and animals. The scientist had been monitoring the soil and the atmosphere every year and every year they would say the same thing. We cannot live above ground.



Chapter II

Morgan love for her husband Mark and their daughter Aubrey was the only reasons why she had not taken her life. She hated being cut off from the outside. She and her husband were out doors people. They had done their fair share of hiking, biking, and climbing. They were planning a trip to the Mt Everest when she found out she was pregnant. It would have been the first real vacation in three years. Mark had been consumed with the building of the underground city.

Now they were its first occupants, she was grateful that they had survived the nuclear war. Now new wars were brewing from fear of lack and want. She lived every day for her husband and daughter, they were keeping her alive.

 She found out after the birth of Aubrey  that she and her husband may had been exposed to a small amount of radiation that had gotten into the air ducks, and that she  could not have any more children, She was grateful that it had not affected Aubrey.


They moved quickly up the path that was taking them to the light room, it was like taking a hike. When they reached the light room they were met by her Husband as they walked in. Mark picked up his daughter and grabbed his wife by the hand thinking about the special surprise he was going to show them today, he was excited about showing his wife and daughter what he had been working on for a number of years.

It had taken him longer than he had anticipated; getting the things he needed to build what he thought was his best project ever. He led them into the darkest part of the room.  He put his daughter down and said “close your eyes ladies,” as they closed their eyes he opened the doors to another room that no one knew was there.

“Open your eyes ladies,” Morgan and her daughter squeal with delight as theirs eyes widen with excitement. It was like they had been transformed from utter darkness to an abundance of light. The room looked like a beach Mark had even found a natural well whiles digging for a place that would serve as the ocean. It served two purposes drinking water and swimming.  His wife and daughter were the first to see his visions come to life with the exception of the commander and the work crew that help him to build it.

“There is going to be a grand opening tomorrow, what do you guys think about the place?” he asked in a jubilant voice. “Mark it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen it just incredible I am so proud of you honey.” Morgan planted a big kiss on Mark lips and continued to marvel at her husband handiwork. “What about you Aubrey what do you think about the room?” “ It’s the most beautiful place Ihave ever seen in my life” she exclaimed, “but the light room will always be my favorite.”

She beckoned to her dad to bend down so she could give him a big hug, she held on to him for a while then said “I am so proud of you dad, you are the best dad ever.” “Where did you get the sand from and the paint honey and the shells and look at the size of the ocean it must had taken you guys a long time to tunnel out this much space wow.” “It took years and determination to do this Honey and the smiles on you and Aubrey face made it worth all the work that I put into it.”

“The people really need this Mark hopefully it will lift up their spirits.” “I hope so too Honey we had to dig deep so people could really enjoy swimming in the ocean.”

“There is only one thing missing Dad the sun, one day I will see the sun I am sure of it dad.” “I will never stop believing that I will see it, sitting on my favorite bench in my favorite room with the sun beaming on my head.” “If you believe the sun will shine it will happen sweetie one day it will come true.”

“Let’s go I am ready for a big meal and some celebrating, what’s for dinner Morgan?”  “I hadn’t started dinner yet your daughter insisted that I bring her to the light room.” Aubrey walked out of the room before her parents she wanted to sit on the bench.

“Why do you keep encouraging our daughter to believe in something that may never happen?”  “She is little girl Morgan let her be one for as long as she can. She doesn’t have to know the truth let her be happy for as long as the lights come on okay.”

Morgan walked out of the beach room slightly annoyed with her husband; she was just a little edgy after hearing about how things were going with the lights and the food supply. It was going to get harder to survive underground, the people had adjusted to the conditionsthey had all the luxuries, except internet, cable andphones.  There were farms underground and live stock.

People had their DVD Players and movies and there was a theater and several restaurants that service the population, Doctors, nurses. There were many things to keep you from being bored. Everyone missed the outdoors and the sun and the moon. She would not tell Aubrey the truth about the conditions that would soon start to decline. Her husband was right about letting her stay a little girl as long as she could.”

She stood at the door and waited for her husband and child to join her. She placed her hand in her husband hand and grabed Aubrey hand as they walked out of the light room. 


© Copyright 2017 ToyaJordan. All rights reserved.

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