Baron Bloodlust (OUTDATED)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

An about a boy named Maverick, he must conquer 5 temples of deceased gods, and get the special items to defeat Eifah the dark god.

(This story is outdated, and I made lots of changes since then. Look forward to the new version soon)

Table of Contents

Origin Arc

One day in the gloomy city. Two boys named Maverick and Travis lived in a small house in the middle of nowhere besides a view of the moun... Read Chapter

Boughton City Military Arc Pt 1

In a city called Boughton City. It's glommy, depressing, and it's smoky in the streets. It's full of factories, and brick buildings with ... Read Chapter

Boughton City Military Arc Pt 2

Ron and I were walking down the fancy hallways; full of golden columns, huge windows, shiny marble floors and walls full of paintings. We... Read Chapter

On the War Path

I got out of the camp, and enter the trail way of the forest. It was still cold, and the trees are taller than the one forest I used to p... Read Chapter