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This is part 2 to my boyfriends Valentines day
present.These are al the reasons why I love him.
#75- the poem that we read in spanish today was about this man (the speaker) proposing to his girl friend. Hesaid the cutest things like the she was the poppy flower in a field of wheat

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



I love …..

  1.  Your laugh
  2.  Your hair (even when its buzzed for swim) :P
  3.  Your smile
  4. Your eyes
  5.  The way you tell me that you love me
  6.  The way you pick me up, throw me over your shoulder then spin around in circles :*
  7.  The way that you say I’m cute even when I’m being kind of annoying
  8.  The way we talk about our future together :)
  9.  The way you say that I’m beautiful without makeup (even though you’ve never seen me without makeup) :P
  10.  The way you won’t let me do anything that I’ll regret
  11.  The way you slide me closer to you when we’re sitting next to each other at school
  12. The way you kiss me like I’m the only person you’ll ever love :*
  13.  You’re sense of humor
  14.  The way we agree to disagree
  15.  The way that we don’t get mad at each other  when  we do disagree
  16. The way you got protective of me when you thought Cammy liked me
  17.  The way you said I am the most precious thing in the world to you :*
  18.  When you try to talk sexy :P
  19.  When you say that you would do anything for me
  20.  When you say that you’ll never  love anyone else
  21. Aaron, Bria, Christopher, Dakota <3
  22. The way we are capable of being honest with each other
  23. The way we tell me that you dreamt about me the night before
  24. The way you help me when I break down
  25. The way you say that you’ll go anywhere and do anything to make me happy
  26. The way you hold my hand and kiss me in front of your friends :*
  27. The way you tell me that everything’s going to get better soon
  28. 3.5 years <3
  29. The way you worry about me when I have my melt downs
  30. The way you hug me all the time :)
  31. The way you let me steal your favorite sweatshirt :P
  32. The way you light up my life
  33. When you say cute things
  34. The way I can’t help but smile when I’m around you
  35. The way you push me slowly but effectively to concur my fears
  36. The way you make me feel worth it
  37. The way you call me beautiful not hot
  38. When you say your proud of me
  39. The way you say I’m skinny even though you know I don’t agree
  40. When I say I’m ok and you say that you know I’m not
  41. When you constantly remind me how much you care about me and how lucky you are to have me :*
  42. The way I can’t picture life without you
  43. That you like the harry potter series
  44. That you don’t judge
  45. That you want to help people
  46. The reason that you’re in boy scouts
  47. That you don’t like alcohol, drugs, etc.
  48. That you want us to actually last
  49. That I’m not just some hook up
  50. The way your hands feel on my body
  51. How you don’t care about what people think of you
  52. How you want me to blossom out of my shell
  53. How you apologize when you didn’t do anything wrong
  54. When we cuddle up on the couch and watch movies
  55. The way you help me study for Spanish
  56. The way you encourage me to do better in all areas of my life
  57. That you want me to be happy and healthy
  58. When we slow dance with no music
  59. When we built that fort in my room :)
  60. The way you don’t care if I have a little stubble
  61. That you want to talk to my mom and dad (+Kenny)
  62. That you don’t sugar coat who you really are
  63. When you make me feel special
  64. When you buy me flowers and jewelry
  65. The way that you act like you read some of my long messages :P
  66. When you tell me things that no one else knows
  67. When you watch chick flicks with me :P
  68. Your willingness to help others
  69. When we give each other back massages
  70. When we play the nervous game ;)
  71. Spending time with you
  72. When we play our version of Life
  73. How you asked me out
  74. Our first kiss (even though I froze up :P)
  75. The poem we read in Spanish today; it made me think of you :*
  76. The way you don’t care if I pig out in front of you
  77. That you want me to pursue my dreams
  78. The necklace you got me for Christmas
  79. That you started just walking into my house
  80. How I had to teach you how to slow dance
  81. The stuffed animal duck you also gave me for Christmas
  82. Your haunted house that you made with your friends for your Halloween party
  83. The way my bed is always a complete mess after you leave
  84. Your biceps
  85. The way I have to restrain myself from kissing you a lot at school sometimes
  86. The way you make me blush
  87. That you’re mine
  88. That your smart
  89. That your responsible
  90. That you don’t let a lot of things or people hold you back in life
  91. That you think I’m sexy
  92. Our life together
  93. That you make me so incredibly happy :)
  94. When you kiss me on the cheek
  95. That I want to be with you for the rest of my life
  96. U love me with all your heart
  97. The way you hold me
  98. When you call me cute names like baby, sweetie, and sweetheart
  99. That you bring out the real me

100. You :*

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