Breaking my own heart 100 times over

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it is just a poem no more no less

Submitted: November 21, 2008

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Submitted: November 21, 2008



I sat here alone,

Listening to you cry,

The knowing thatI caused the pain,

Kills me a thousand times over.

In the dark i sit,

In the light you cry,

It seems that we are growing,

Farther and farther apart.

I walk into the light,

Just to be with you,

It hurts my eyes,

ButI will live.

Because to see your face,

Even for one more time,

Is all worth my pain,

Every ounce of pain is worth it.

I crawl up next to you,

I first look to your eyes,

Then lay my head in you lap,

As you continue you flow of tears.

The only wordsI can say,

Are "I'm sorry oh so very sorry"

I can see your eyes on me,

It isn't uncomfortable though,

Unsureif you are glareing though,

I turn to see a small smile,

On the face of the one,

I love the most andhurt the worst.

The words you speak,

Are barly audible,

But i manage to catch the words,

"I can't forgive you butI will always love you"

She then gets up,

And walks to the door,

"No come back"I say

"We need time apart" says she

She opens the door,

And steps over the threshold,

And with our last attempst at love,

We both murmer "I love you darling"

I feel as though she is looking at me,

Iknow she is, but her reasonI know not,

I turn to see the saddest expression

Ever to be seen.

As though she knew i wouldn't be here,

When she got back,

The face of the one that loved me the most,

As well as the oneI hurt the most.

As she left,

I said sorry once more,

For we both knew what was instore,

I would die, no other way couldI see.

I grabed the blade and sliced my wrist,

It took a long time to bleed out,

But my dying memorie wasa plesant sight,

It was her beautiful face looking down at me.

She jumped when i grabed her hand,

"I love you" Isay "I will never leave you"

"I love you as well my darling" says she

"Forgive me for all the thingsI have done to you beforeI die?"

And she did, she forgave me,

And asI went the best thing happend,

she huged me tightly to her,

As though not wanting to let go.

"I....Am.....Sorry" i say

With my last dying breaths,

"Stop apoligizing for everything would you please?"


"You never hurt me more thenI hurt you"

I nodded becauseI could barly breath,

"Now my love" she says with a tear in her eye,

"Leave softly would you? On the wings of butterflys."

AndI did,

Because just as my very last breath came and went,

A beautiful purple buterfly soured throught the room,

And landed on us asI died.

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