Inspiration was the Golden Field of Rye

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Submitted: February 10, 2014

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Submitted: February 10, 2014



Inspiration was the Endless Golden Field of Rye

The desert is now silent 
Prepared for a long wait in the dark
You ignited the fire in my tent
All around me many a spark.

For you I could write 
Poems in hundred and thousand
Uncountable and brilliant
Like the dazzling sand.

I could sing all day
On the shores of ocean
When I am in the maze of motion
And you to rouse my emotion,
To make the firmament 
Of my imagination so bright
You thank me again and again
When I said ‘Good night’.

Thanks for thanking me 
I was like a wave in your sea
Dashing against your shores
Waiting for you to finish
The domestic chores.

You gave the space 
Unbourned and unbounded
When the clarion of emotions 
You yourself sounded.

The melodious song echoed
On my sensitive lips
You sail away to the land of slumber
Your wonderful ships.

Your inspiration is endless 
Like the golden field of rye
Vaster then the meadow, 
Vaster than the sky.

My thoughts are colourful 
Like the dewy rainbow
Nothing I have to give you
But my poem to show.

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