The Gift - by Tracey

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A poem for those left behind.

Submitted: January 29, 2008

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Submitted: January 29, 2008



The Gift


Sometimes in our lives we live in our loss,

the challenge of sorrow our burden to bear;

but we learn as we grow what we’ve stumbled across

is the reason and meaning of love that we share.


The bonds that have broken, the ties now undone

will pose as a puzzle that’s yet to be solved.

While our hearts and our minds see a race to be run,

our spirits are patient and wait to evolve.


We may find on our journey we tire and fade

and wonder if we will fall short of the goal,

then out of the dark they will come to our aid

and give us support at the seat of the soul.


And though we get lost and feel so alone

and question why fate would commit such a crime,

we know they’re not gone, just waiting at home

as they watch through the eye of the needle of time.


Their friendship was never a thing to be spent

like natural laws of a physical place.

Their love is a gift that’s given, not lent.

It’s ours once it’s ours, through all time and all space.


So cry if you must for the ones who have flown,

through the plateau of being, their essence adrift.

But cherish the moments of life they were shown

and live in thanks of receiving the gift.


© Copyright 2018 Tracey. All rights reserved.

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