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Just a little something I wrote, about a personal experience.
Most of my writing stems from personal experiences. Its better, as folks can relate to it.

Submitted: November 28, 2012

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Submitted: November 28, 2012



So I thought we could try this one more time

I said I wouldn’t let things get out of hand

I promised myself only I controlled my emotions


Not when it comes to you its quite clear

You’re my weakness

I’d give anything just to have you near


I over played my hand


I got caught out


I was never in control


Now I lay crying, still can’t get over you


Desperation is an ugly thing

Neediness even worse

Loving someone so much

Allowing it to consume your very being


So when all is said and done

The chase has now become mine

Every text I receive I am hoping it’s from you

Only to be disappointed when its not


I guess I was too overbearing

I guess I seemed to keen

In the mean time all I wanted, was to be with you for a while


At first it seemed that’s what you wanted

Then out of the blue you had changed

Is it because you’re a Gemini and cannot make up your mind?

Or is it because you knew I’d be there anytime you called


You’re such a chatterbox

We could talk for hours

I love your long explanations and the way you can back up most of your arguments with facts

Your passion is what stands out for me, your intelligence and charm leaves me breathless

It will probably take me ages to forget you

Its ok, but I still have hope.


My friends say I’m setting myself up for heartache

I just don’t want to believe it; I say it’s not true


It’s amazing how the heart does what it wants to do

My head says stop holding on, but my heart sings a different song


Roller coaster ride of love let me go

Release me from this relentless storm

Allow me to remove my heart from my sleeve

And never again in love will I  so easily believe

© Copyright 2017 TraceyBee. All rights reserved.

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