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This poem is dedicated to the one I will always love and miss.

My green eyes who I lost to someone whom he loves.

Submitted: February 27, 2012

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Submitted: February 27, 2012



You were here for a moment
A moment I will always treasure
When you held me in your arms I felt the earth move and my dark clouds fade away
When you kissed me I heard a beautiful symphony
Your voice was all I needed to hear to make my day

You gave me hope that love still exists
You opened me up to a whole new world
Our walk on the beach I will always hold dear
The way you held my hand and whispered sweet things in my ear

I didn’t believe in love any more when we met
I thought it wasn’t for me
Then I let you in,
I thought that this was it

Wish I knew back then that you would leave me lonely
Wish I did things differently
I trusted that you would love me
I had hopes of us being together for a long time

Stephan now you are with the one you love
And I am here lonely
Pining for you every day and night
I saw you the other day, but you pretended you don’t see me
It killed me inside, but I walked away as if it was ok.

I wish I knew what I did wrong
You never told me
Why did you hold me like that?
Why did you kiss me like that?
Did it all mean nothing to you, I can’t understand

My heart is with you
There’s nothing I can do
You’ve stopped returning my messages
You no longer care

I’m struggling to sleep
I don’t want to eat
All I do is wish you would call and tell me that I’m the one

I will never forget you
I will hold onto the good memories
I will love you always my green eyes
The one I will always miss

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