Lucky Number 9

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Opal is 9 years old. 9 is her lucky number. Her wishes come true on the 9th star. Everything 9th is considered a good luck charm. For example: 9th book, 9th pencil, 9th anything. But then she turns ten. All of her 9th things are gone. FireFlake the Villain says she has 1 chance to find all of her 9th things or else...What will happen? Read to find out!

Submitted: March 28, 2015

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Submitted: March 28, 2015



January 1st, 2014, Opal's 9th birthday, 9:00 pm

Opal simply placed her 9th birthday gift on her shelf. She collects all of her ninth things. She feels that 9 is her lucky number. So Opal thinks this year (when she is 9 years old) will be her luckiest year. Her 9th year is going well so far. Her birthday just passed, she got what she wanted, and her luck is better than ever. After a long birthday today, Opal needed some rest. She went to bed thinking about how lovely her day went, and about all of the good luck things that will happen in the future.

CRASH! Opal sat up in shock from that loud noise. She looked around, and, in the corner of her bedroom, was a small figure covered in a dark cloth. Opal screamed. "Who are you?!" she shouted. The figure slowly uncovered the cloth and appeared a villain. "I am FireFlake The Villain, and it appears you collect all of your 9th things for good luck,"said the villain. "Yes, I do! Please don't take them!" Opal shouted. " You have one chance. Enjoy your 9th year." "What does that mean?" Opal asked. "Just sit quietly and listen."

FireFlake The Villain's story

 You believed that 9 is your lucky number, and yes indeed, it is. You are a smart one to keep track of all of your 9th things. These 9th things will allow you to have good luck as long as you keep them safe. Yesterday you turned 9 years old. Since 9 is your lucky number, this year will be your luckiest year. You must enjoy it. Because on your 10th birthday, all of your 9th things will be gone. Don't worry, they won't disappear, they will only be lost. After your 10th birthday, you have 9 days to find ALL of your 9th things in order to keep your luck going. So find them after your 10th birthday, or else...

January 2nd, 2014, 8:30 am

Opal sat up in bed, full of fear. She looked around her bedroom, and FireFlake wasn't there. She realized, it wasn't dark anymore. It was bright and sunny at 8:30. Opal paused for a moment. "It must have been a dream," Opal said to herself. But Opal was still scared. "What if this really does happen?" Opal asked to herself. "What if FireFlake The Villain was real?" Opal decided to push it out of her mind and focus on her day. Besides, FireFlake had told her that she had a year until her 9th things were gone. That was plenty of time. But the thing that scared Opal the most was that FireFlake didn't tell her what would happen if she didn't find all of her 9th things within 9 days. All FireFlake said was "Or else..."Opal thought, how could this be real? It was a dream. Opal was sure that nothing would happen and that her 9th things wouldn't even get lost. 

February 14, 2014,3:30 pm

It was Valentine's Day. Opal added her 9th valentine to her shelf. So far nothing wrong was going on. She hadn't seen FireFlake recently.Opal assumed that FireFlake would never come back, and all of that stuff she said was all fake. Opal enjoyed her Valentine's Day with her family. All of that chocolate was delicious! Opal had so much fun. During the day she barely even thought about FireFlake. Everything was going good. During Opal's family's Valentine's Day dinner, Opal started having second thoughts on FireFlake.  What if FireFlake was real? Opal just decided to not think about it again. She told herself that nothing was going to happen

December 31, 2014, 7:30 pm

Just one more day happens. Opal still didn't see FireFlake, even after a year. Opal was almost ten, just in one more day. Just in case her 9th things would get lost, Opal decided to sleep with all of them, and tuck them under the covers so they'd be safe. Even though Opal hasn't seen FireFlake in about a year, she still half thought she was real and that her things would disappear. But Opal still half thought FireFlake wasn't real and everything was going to be just fine. Besides, dreams don't usually come true, especially crazy ones like that one. Opal thought about telling her mom about this, but she decided not to. Opal still slept with her 9th things, though.

January 1st, 2015,7:45 am

It was Opal's birthday again, and as soon as she woke up, she flipped over her covers to see if her 9th things were there, and...they were gone! Opal panicked. She had to start looking, fast! She hopped out of bed. "Ouch!" Opal yelled. She looked down and it appears that she had stepped on her 9th birthday gift. Around her gift was a pile of her other 9th things. Opal felt so relieved. All of her 9th things had just fallen off of her bed in the middle of the night. Now Opal knew that FireFlake wasn't real, it was just a crazy dream. And from then on, Opal still had good luck with all of her 9th things, no matter what age she was.



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