The Land Beyond

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The Land Beyond is about a 9-year-old girl named Anna who was walking her dog named Wayne one day. It was a hot summer day, so she decided to go on a long walk. Although, she swung on a vine and flew off and fell in a tunnel with Wayne beside her. She comes out and finds herself wandering in The Land Beyond. It is full of magic and mysteries. Anna didn't know what to do. What happens next? Read to find out!

Submitted: March 27, 2015

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Submitted: March 27, 2015



"It's so nice out today," Anna exclaimed. It was a nice hot summer day here in Deep-Seaville and Anna was walking her dog, Wayne. Deep-Seaville got it's name from the beautiful oceans close nearby. Since this day was so hot, Anna decided to go for a long walk with Wayne and explore the meadows a little more. "C'mon Wayne, let's go for a nice long walk," Anna said. She waited for Wayne to go to the bathroom, and then she started exploring the fields and meadows. Not long after that, it started drizzling. Anna thought it wouldn't be so bad or last a while, so she sat with Wayne under a shady tree. Anna was right, it wasn't bad and it lasted for only about fifteen minutes, which wasn't a problem for her.

As soon as the rain stopped, Anna got up and continued exploring. She found a creek not far away with trees that had vines. Anna tied a loose knot on Wayne's leash to a low branch and started swinging vines. It was so much fun. Since the knot on Wayne's leash was so loose, it managed to slip off the branch and Wayne was running free. Anna spotted Wayne, and shouted "Wayne no! Stop! Come back here!" As soon as she got scared of Wayne running away. she lost grip and went flying off the vine. Wayne was running after her, following her. She landed in the creek, then down a tunnel. And then she realized...Wayne!

Anna started crying. Wayne was like a best friend to her, and he was gone. All of a sudden, she got startled by a loud barking noise. She quickly looked behind her...Anna almost screamed. It was Wayne! He'd been following her the whole time without her knowing. Anna felt so relieved and gave him a big kiss on his head. They made it to the end of the tunnel and came out in an odd place. Anna had never seen anything like this. She and Wayne were greeting by a short troll. "Hello there, my name is Andy, " he said. "Where are we?" Anna asked. "This is a secret place. You are lucky that you are the first human to find this place." Andy paused for a moment. "Oh, and first dog too," he said, patting Wayne. "Nice to meet you, Andy," Anna replied. "I'm Anna, and this is my dog, Wayne. "Nice to meet you too and welcome to...The Land Beyond!" Andy opened his arms wide. "Now go on and explore, have fun!" Andy went back to his home.

"The Land Beyond," Anna repeated. It sounded...magical. "Well, what are you waiting for? C'mon Wayne!" Anna said, eager to see what this place was like. It was a beautiful, peaceful place. Full of colorful trees, singing birds, magnificent meadows, and a wonderful river along the way which appeared to be called the "River of Magic". So this is a magical place, Anna thought. She waded in the river for a while, just...relaxing. She had never seen such a beautiful land before. 

Anna had wandered and played and ran around with Wayne for quite a while until she heard a loud whistle followed by a shout which said "Supper time!" It sounded like Andy. Anna thought she and Wayne should join them. After all, she was kind of hungry from her long adventure here in The Land Beyond. Anna went to the table with all the other trolls and was surprised that there wasn't any food. Then Andy snapped his fingers and a feast appeared on the table, and a dish for Wayne. Anna was amazed and couldn't wait to see more. Just then, four birds came over and dropped a tablecloth...on top of the food. So Andy gave it a yank and the tablecloth went through the food, and where it was supposed to be. Anna looked underneath the plates, there wasn't any holes in the tableclothes at all.

Anna was in the middle of eating her feast until she got worried. She gasped. Her mom was probably calling the police by now! So she said, "Listen Andy, I loved visiting The Land Beyond, it's such a magical place... but I need to get back to my own home. How do I get back to Deep-Seaville?" Andy pointed to the tunnel where Anna came from. Anna got confused, because the tunnel went down. But since The Land Beyond was full of magic, she gave it a try. And just like that, she was going up the tunnel.

It was turning dark in The Land Beyond, but when she came back to the creek in Deep-Seaville, it was daytime, like time froze or something. On Wayne and Anna's walk back home, Anna felt half releived that time froze and her mom wouldn't be mad or worried. But she was also half worried that time didn't freeze at all and her mom would be really mad at her.

Anna finally reached her house, and was relieved to see that her mom wasn't mad at all. "It is such a beautiful day! How was your nice long walk with Wayne?" she asked. Anna said it was good and that she had fun in the meadows, but she remembered to keep her mouth shut and not say a word about The Land Beyond.


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