Worst Day To Best Day

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10-year-old Rachel has a bad luck day at school. What happened to her? Read to find out!

Submitted: March 29, 2015

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Submitted: March 29, 2015



This is how Rachel went from bad luck to good luck:

PART ONE, BEING LATE:First Rachel woke up...Late! Her bus will be here in 10 minutes! She quickly got dressed, brushed her teeth, and grabbed a granola bar for breakfast. She didn't have time to brush her hair, even thought it was like a bird's nest. She ran quickly to the bus and...the last kid got on the bus.She had missed it. She ran back inside to tell her mom that she had missed the bus and that she needed a ride to school. Her mom said yes, but when they got in the car, her mom got distracted by the radio and forgot where she was going! She finally paid attention to where she was going again, and drove to school. Rachel got there 45 minutes late. She missed first period.

PART TWO, FORGETTING HOMEWORK: As soon as she went to second period, the teacher told the class to get out their homework. Rachel searched through her binders, folders, everything! She was too busy this morning trying to catch the bus, that she forgot to pack her bag. The teacher asked her where her homework was, and Rachel said she forgot it. The teacher had to give her a homework slip and take ten points off of her grade.  She had forgotten her homework for all of her subjects, and got 5 homework slips in total. 

PART THREE, PEOPLE LAUGHING: Since Rachel didn't have time to brush her hair this morning and that it looked like a bird's nest, everyone was laughing at her. People were calling her names, pointing and laughing, and making fun of her. People thought it was even funnier when she got mad at them. Even her friends were pointing, laughing, and making fun of her. Everyone was spreading rumors about Rachel. They even started spreading rumors about secrets and private things about Rachel, not just her hair.

PART FOUR, A MESS WITH  FOOD: At lunch, Rachel sat all by herself. She didn't want to be near or talk to anyone because all they would do is laugh. For lunch today, it was spaghetti w/ meatballs, but Rachel got expired spaghetti w/ meatballs. When she got to the trash can to throw out her food, she tripped and fell into the trash can with her expired food! She got sauce all over her face and body. Everyone was laughing and making fun of her even more. She was a complete mess, and she didn't get lunch because it was expired.

PART FIVE, GETTING GROUNDED: When Rachel got home from school, she felt so good and relieved that school was over. But Rachel felt too good. What it means is that she was relaxing after school too much, that she forgot to do her chores. She even forgot to walk the dog, Wayne, and he went to the bathroom in the house! Her mom got really mad at her. She told Rachel she was grounded from electronics, including television. Rachel went up to her room like she was asked to do. Her mom said that she couldn't come out of her room at all. That was a bad thing. Rachel's backpack was downstairs, so she couldn't do her homework. She was beginning to tell her mom that she needed her backpack to do her homework, but before she could finish, her mom told her to stay quiet.

Rachel has had the worst bad luck day ever, but the next day was SO much better. Her mom remembered how sweet Rachel was, so she was ungrounded early. Since Rachel woke up on time this morning (and had time to brush her hair so it wasn't a bird's nest) she was perfectly on time at school. Her teachers said that the homework last night was optional. Which was odd, because they didn't tell them yesterday. Nobody laughed at her at all, like everything from yesterday had never happened. Her lunch was not ruined, and she wasn't a mess the whole day. Rachel went from having the worst day ever to the best day ever.


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