Epic Poem (First Few Stanzas)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the beginning of my epic poem, figuratively titled "Gregoria Luminos Lupania".... I figured if Homer could do it, so could I...Comments and Feedback appreciated....


Death became me while agony bled me dry.
Sulleness grabbing my outer shell leaving behind
faint marks of grimace. (3)

Pain that goes beyond all measure, pain that exulted
forth into dementia's pleasure, My suffering that knew
no defeat. (6)

What lain behind the shadows it's corrosion that creeps,
Stalking reaping the Grim Reaper's rewards it's cornucopia
filled over the brim with evil wiles. (9)

Forget me not that pretty poision that doth tempts me
with solution,While cupid languishes over his whipping
toys' uses. (12)

The tragic hero who saved his maiden yet failed to keep her
grace,Salvation remained hidden over the hills and very far
away. (15)


Morbid curiosity made me pledge my immortal affirmative,
The aquarian cup that runneth with overfilled sorrows, acknowledged
the ongoing sufferings of distilled youth. (18)

Watch as the nymph wailed her lament by the pools of collected tears,
Running towards the glen, into the branched valley of unknown terrors,
Where the solaces of both fang and that of the whip shall bid me
great comfort. (22)


Yea do I tread over the paths of mischief,

where I shall fear no evil except that of my own accords,

What stargazed delights shall be fulfilled within the fairy tale gardens?

Where most promises are oft made to be broken.

My heart was unyielding the silent force commanded such greater depths,
This is my symphony hear the razor edges of the Orchestra pounding, listen
for the flames to start swarming. (28)


Dragons tears hitting the asphalt amidst these deadly storm of swords,
My bouquet of thorns amongst the bedded roses of cold deadly steel,
My will iron clad against the assault of deadly spells webbed with poisons
unseen. (32)

Sweethearts nightingale sung her love-lost requiem whilst her sister
sparrow prepared her hymn for war, Ravens gathering under dusks warm embrace their
caws oracle bound, the kingfisher prepared to launch his social
assault to the unbeknownst crowd. (35)

Little pink stars stood standstill on rotated galactic fixtures, skies
transfixed from shades of hyacinth, Jaded cherubs falling easily from
their perfected pedestals, failing to secure the demon and all of it's
heavenly grace. (38)

Into the darkness is where I intend to venture, with no intention of
glory nor treasure, Beyond the sandstorms of paradoxed dreams to seek my opaque paradise
where it grows under venomous blooms. My soul becoming spent under the
waves of moonlit waters. (41)


Kissed by Twilight and soaked in radiance of cosmic beauty,
Allow me to acquiesce to thy request, showering you under grave adornment,
Love that knows no bounds a fount that overflows due to your intense
devotion,  My lust is your chalice a cup from which you may drink and gain
telltale emotion. (45)


Your cruelty placed my heart inside such wicked bondage, where you've
been allowed to possess my already possessed mind, Enraptured by the
thoughts of you and only you, How unfair it is to thee to leave me crumbled 

beneath your shadowed throne. (48)

Butterflies erupted from the voices of the siren with wings that
spread kaleidoscopes of unhinged colors across your frozen heart, Melt
with me and become my faithful damned beloved, Where we twine in the
games of both predator and hunter. (51)

The seasons of mourning came by and by, the season's end came across
like Winter's frostbitten kiss, Of dying mind the ghosts that
silhouetted against the steamy fogs, Cold mirrors morphed images

of misbegotten splendors. (54)


These are the lines which etches my sorrow,
While my eulogy gets spoken upon the black funeral pyre,
Remorse left with a bitter aftertaste, my morose departure that
knew no haste, Sweet nothings whispered by a serpents tongue,
swaying me further from my private Garden of Eden. (59)

Sing me the song of the Mother's broken lullaby,
Cracked boughs in which we all serve the shame,
Born a tiny babe engrowthed to become the bigger monster,
Slay the beast and reclaim the maiden. (63)

The stirs of echoes that fill with certain dread,
And you will remember it's sigil by the trail of the dead,
Carrions await thy beckoned call, gathered shamlessly near the 
deckened halls. (66)

Bewitchery summoned through enchanted airs, casting its deadly
nightshaded spells, Scarlet veils transplanting the glamour, onto the graveyard past
yonder, These wonders that I beheld dear once with certainty now left
unclear. (70)



The cage has been set firmly rooted, laurel leaves flown away by breezes,
Visages of peace scattered as surely as images of war had been planted,
Tides of battle risen upon the shoreline where that of the brave dared
to have treaded. (74)

Release these chains that bind and I will gladly pick up thy sabered
sword, Give me the punishment that I doth require and become my hero instead,
Star-cross my heart blank eyes left blinded by your tendered hatred. (77)

The storms have gathered and grow boldly intense,
Gathered by fire, Unquelled by water, Unstirred by sands,
leaving behind barren unsoiled lands, The victorious left 

nothing to seek nor conquer. (80)

Howls shall rise from the hollows of the chamber,
Wounds pitched so deep shrieks left uncurled,

curdle my spirit yet stir my blood,

the beast has arisen and beware
my hunger. (85)

From The Epic Poem "Gregoria Luminos Lupania"
©2006 Tragedienne Belle Morte

Submitted: June 10, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Tragedienne. All rights reserved.

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This is good, I like it

Wed, June 10th, 2009 11:24pm


Thank you!

Sat, June 27th, 2009 12:19pm


Thank You!

Thu, June 11th, 2009 4:22am

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