Longest Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A tale I spun about Chairon the Ferryman of the Dead in Greco-Roman mythology

Written in the Roman tradition.

The Longest Night 02/11/ 2011

Listen to the sounds of the Wailing Wall, as my knuckles graze against the solid stone.
I follow the wall and the sounds of sadness, utterable pain, and despair.  
I try to keep breathing despite the awkwardness, constantly moving forward,
not focusing on the pain  that brings me almost to my knees.

Prepare yourself they told me...

How much can one prepare, when I have entered the Gates of the Dead?

Be prepared they kept saying...

With what?  Have not other women who have come before me, not do the same thing?

Give Birth.....

Except the babe in my womb has been graced by Death's hand.

As another wave of pain sweeps through me, follow the wall I must keep.
Lucina, Iuno, Diana, I implore to watch over thee!

On this darkest day.

On this longest night.

Through shadows and mist, I can hear Prosperine's voice silhouette against the fog.

Beckoning me, offering an odd solace, as a storm surges through my entire being, reaching for
her, reaching for anyone's hand.

Finally , making my way towards Acheron's River, where Lord Pluto gives the final command.
The fear awashes over me as I accepted predestined fate.

My Death for his Life, for the son I shall never see.

Under the dark sun, on the longest night, I reach the fields of the Elysium.

As the Ferryman is silently born.

©2011Tragedienne Belle Morte

Submitted: May 05, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Tragedienne. All rights reserved.

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