Loose Lips

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This is a follow-up story to "Lovefool", consider it a prequel of sorts. This is yet another one shot scene of a session with Harley Quinn and residential Psychiatric Doctor Joan Leland. I tried to capture the dual personalities that Harley Quinn is known for. You see the madness and also the normality (okay a moment of it anyway) None of these characters I own, I make no profit off this, I do write this only for joy and the love I bear for Harley Quinn. As one of the most intriguing characters in Comic Book History. Feedback and comments are much needed for I am writing out of my elemental table once again. :-)

Submitted: October 23, 2013

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Submitted: October 23, 2013



Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. All characters, places, etc, in here aren't mine and I don't profit. All that's mine is the plot of the story.


Loose Lips 10/23/2013

She was laying down on the Doctor's couch, it was a Burberry she said. As if it made all the difference in the world a couch was just a couch. If it were up to her she would still take a knife to it or douse it with gasoline even. Set the couch on fire and watch it spread. Yeah that would do it.



The Doctor even gave her a soft pillow to make her feel more “comfortable”. There was nothing that could make this experience “comfortable”. This fancy couch was making her skin itch. She kept squirming on the couch until the restraints were placed on her feet.




Now she couldn't move, and when she refused to even talk to the Doctor for their daily Therapy session. Dr. Leland and her henchmen, they were big, tall, and dressed in white. They were not henchmen actually but orderlies, they were all the same really. Big tall guys with lots of muscle and looking to get paid one way or the other. She knew all about the ways of henchmen. Since she was refusing to talk they held her down and injected her intravenously with “Happy Juice” to help her relax the good Doctor said.




The “Happy Juice” was liquid Ativan it would help her relax and get her talking alright. She was very familiar with the drug. More familiar with the drug than most. She had to administer it quite often herself, in what was another lifetime ago. What goes around will come back around and hit you quite hard with a mallet.




As the Ativan was coursing through her veins. It was surely taking effect because she felt as if she could float. Simply float right on out of Arkham. She felt as if she could take on anything, slay any beast, jump from the tallest building, more importantly get revenge. Revenge on Batman, revenge on anyone who has ever hurt her. That would be a nice little list.




“How are you feeling  now Harleen?” Dr. Leland asked as she grabbed her notebook to make notes.




Looking annoyed as she was being interrupted from her lucid dreaming.

“Don't call me that!”





“What would you like to be called?” Dr. Leland asked her.




“Harley. My name is Harley Quinn if you must.  You know this Doc, I'm in the papers all the time.”




"Very well, Ms. Quinzel. How are you feeling right now?”



“I said for you to call me Harley! Do you have wax in your ears or something?”




With a deep sigh the Doctor continued as she reminded herself she was getting paid to deal with the criminally insane. She had a job to do no matter how obnoxious the patient could be.




“Alright Harley lets try something different. How are you feeling right now?”



“I feel like I could float Doc! I can take on anything, I ain't scared of nothin!” She said as her voice became shrill as she continued.



“That's because you've got me all numbed up with the “Happy Juice”. Isn't that how you like your patients Doc? So pliant? She beamed.




Dr. Leland looked at the patient who laid on her couch. It was still hard to believe this was once a former colleague. A woman whom she hired to work at this very same Asylum. Harleen Quinzel was once a bright shining star in the field of Psychiatry, but her star gone dim thanks to insanity, clown make-up, and her obsession with a psychopath. This wasn't Harley Quinn's first visit to Arkham as patient but the Doctor was determined to make it her last.





“What the hell has happened to you Harleen?” Doctor Leland found herself self saying out loud.




She looked at the Doctor with a look of pure glee.




“What happened to me? I was saved Doc. He came and he saved me from all sorts of pain. Don't you see? He'll come you'll see. Because he loves me, what's the Joker King going to do without his Harley Queen? “ She had a fit of cackling as her voice went into a sing-song tone.




Joker and Harley sitting in a tree.




First comes love,

then comes marriage,

Then comes our baby jester

rocking in its carriage.”





She feebly tried to kick her legs but the restraints were in the way. She knew she was screwed. It might as well practically be truth serum that the Doc had gave her. The Doctor could ask her anything and by the betrayal of her brain she could get any answer from Harley. A truth both patient and Doctor knew very well.





“What is The Joker going to save you from Harley?”




“He is going to save me from myself Doc.” Harley answered in a serious tone.




“Tell me. Have you ever loved someone so much that it literally hurts? I am in constant pain all the time but he makes it better with a snap of his fingers. It hurts to be with him but it hurts even more to be without him. Right now I am in pain, this separation from my Puddin is killing me. I am dying inside and all I want to be is set free. Can't you see that it's killing me?”





This was the moment that the Doctor was looking for. A weakness in the strain of Harleen Quinzel's thought process. This was her plea for help, an intervention to stop all this madness. She was asking for help in her own lunatic way.





“Harley what if I could make it all better? What if I could make the “pain” go away?”




“Could you do it Doc? You can set me free?” Harley asked with hope in her eyes.




“Yes I can. You don't want to have these feeling anymore right?”




“Nope, sure don't Doc.”




We can make sure you never think of the Joker again.” The Doctor said only to herself.




I love him, he loves me not, I love him, he loves me not."  Harley Quinn chanted repeatedly only to herself.




Swerving the conversation to another direction to make her patient relax more. The Doctor brought up Poison Ivy and her relationship to Quinzel. Which come to discover was more than what met the “straight” eye. Furiously the Doctor was taking notes as Harley Quinn started back singing in sing-song.



“Loose Lips,

Sink ships.”






©2013 T.B. Morte
























© Copyright 2019 Tragedienne. All rights reserved.

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