My Harley's Keeper

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A one-shot story Fanfiction from the Batman universe. Featuring Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Told from the POV of Poison Ivy. This is the prequel to "Lovefool" & "Loose Lips" which I have also written. **Disclaimer*** I do not own any of these characters nor do I profit from such. I write these based solely on the love affair I somehow have with Harley Quinn.

Submitted: March 23, 2014

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Submitted: March 23, 2014



Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one. All characters, places, etc, in here aren't mine and I don't profit. All that's mine is the plot of the story and thats very loosely.


My Harley's Keeper 03/16/2014


“He cannot unlove me.”


She said so confidently, without doubt or question. It wasn't said with the same child-like attitude that Harley Quinn often displayed. Ivy didn't know what to say. Every time she tried swaying her new partner-in-crime from thinking about that clown face-painted jerk, Ivy was met with tears and tantrums that lasted long into the night.


Today was a calm day for the duo. It could have been they were still riding the euphoria of last night's heist. Not only had they stolen a great deal of money from the bank, but Ivy had given Batgirl a nice roundhouse kick in the chin, which felt amazing. It was bad enough that Batman and his pipsqueak protégé Robin always came to save the day. Now they had a woman on their crime-fighting team as well. The absolute nerve!


Why on earth would a woman want to abandon her own gender to be amongst males? If nothing more, Batgirl should be pitching more for the feminine side. That was what Ivy decided to do, and now she had a partner in her endeavors. Harley Quinn could not necessarily be considered Ivy's intellectual equal, as if any could, but the gal did have brawn. Ivy had to admit she had never been in the presence of someone who could play whack-a-mole so easily with a mallet that big. So between the two of them, the combination of brains and brawn were well matched. And as for beauty, well, Ivy did not lack in good looks. Her curves definitely set many a hero and villain's hearts a flutter here in Gotham City.


Harley Quinn was also beautiful, once you got past the facepaint and the spurts of dementia. There was a doll-like delicacy to her, and those baby blue eyes could haunt you if you weren't careful. Ivy found herself staring at that heart-shaped face more and more every day. It was not a comforting notion. So add brains, brawn, and beauty. They made one deadly pair, though for a brief moment, Ivy did wish she had been able to partner up with the Catwoman instead.


So now when Harley expressed her undying affection for the Joker. Ivy would find other things to do. Right now, she kept busy watering and feeding her “babies.” Examining tendrils, leaves, and tentactulars to make sure they were still in good health. Collecting a vial of poision here and there for antidotes later. Today was such a good day. Why must it be ruined by a tantrum? Yet Harley was looking for Ivy to answer her as she crept closer to her in Ivy's botanical laboratory/garden.


Harley's gloved hand reached and touched a tendril of the Black Bat Flower. She seemed genuinely fascinated with the plant. This was a rare species from China and it was very hard to come by for Ivy. She had paid an even bigger price for it. Or, well, someone else did, rather. One had to do unscrupulous things to obtain the obscure.


“Is this flower posionous?” Harley Quinn asked.


“No, not this one. But be careful. There are many in here that are, as you are aware. Remember you are still adjusting to the posions and antidotes I've given you.”


“Now you have made me superhuman with your potions. What's this shrub called?” Harley asked as she continued touching the whisker-like leaves.


Tacca chantreri,” Ivy answered.


Harley Quinn just looked at Ivy, puzzled.


“Black Bat Flower.”


This reply sent Harley Quinn into a fit of mad giggles. She also gave Ivy a playful shove to encourage her to laugh as well. Ivy did not do laughing well, but she tried for the sake of peace. Her laugh sounded strange and unusual. She did not understand this form of human emotion.


“Black Bat! How fitting. Well, Batboy was quite batty last night. He could not handle the two of us!” Harley snorted.




“So do you think the Joker misses me?”

And there it was. Like a light switch, Harley was back on to the topic of that slimeball, the Joker. Ivy simply did not understand why Harley Quinn was so obsessed with someone who treated her like dirt. Hell, she had seen soil get better treatment. Ivy knew she was going to have respond to this.


“I think he does not. Now, eventually he'll need someone to do his bidding. Then he will suddenly miss you. That how is men are. They will use a woman and throw her away at the best opportunity. You don't need him anymore. You have me.” Ivy realized what she had said and immediately regretted giving what sounded like a promise.


“He cannot unlove me. Love is like diamonds. Love lasts forever,” Harley Quinn said defiantly.


“You cannot love someone if they never loved you to begin with,” Ivy spat.


“Your words are like acid. No wonder they call you 'Poison Ivy.'”


“Truth hurts.”


Harley Quinn stopped touching the flower and pondered Ivy's last statement. She squealed in glee and embraced Ivy ever-so-uncomfortably tightly. Ivy felt as if she was being strangled by one of her babies. “So you'll take care of me?”

“You're my partner. I have no other choice,” Ivy answered her, wriggling, and realizing more and more she was slipping into some form of commitment with a woman who was quite mad.

“You're my friend!” Harley Quinn cackled as she hugged Ivy in an even tighter embrace.

The word “friend” echoed through Ivy's mind in a haze of absolute fear. She had never had one of those before. All she was ever used to were arch enemies and those who never understood her.

Harley Quinn broke free from the embrace and started singing, “Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend.”

Ivy realized with a sudden horror that she had now become Harley's Keeper.



©2014 T.B. Morte




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