Untitled (Sea Sweep)

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Okay so its another old poem, but I like it...But '04 for a huge year for me writing wise, so I hope you all will enjoy.

Feedback always good.



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Untitled (Sea Sweep) 3/01/2004

Caught beneath the ripples of whimsy.
As groups of souls fight one another.
The tide turning crimson as blades
crossed. Ravens flocked upon the

Mists of dew dropping upon subliminal sweetness.
The testimony of something so much more.
As soldiers tread upon unmarked hills, footprints
embedded with memory.

Silence swaying orchids while lilies bloom.
The wages of war being the only symphony.
Out of the ocean’s womb, a warrior is born.
Salvation had arrived too soon.

Solid sands withstanding time, and pendulums
swing. Drifting in, out, and between dreams.
Sleep being a drifter, penance being the stranger.
The arms of the sea being the comforter.


© 2004 From The
"When Snowflakes Fall" collection

Tragedienne Belle Morte

Submitted: June 28, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Tragedienne. All rights reserved.

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Classy Peach

You are deeeeeep, deep like an ocean abyss.
I cannot imagine there is anything on
booksie that interests you once you
write at this level you are writing.
Very Awesome. Welcome to Awesome World.

Sat, August 1st, 2009 8:36pm


Again Thank You very much, but I do love reading other peoples work on here when I get the chance...Everytime I find something that amazes me...I invite you to stay a while, read let me know what you think..

Thank you again,

Sat, August 1st, 2009 1:40pm

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