When Winter Met Spring

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When Hades met Persphone from the perspective of "Hades" feedback appreciated.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



When Winter Met Spring 12/02/2011

Casted from the radiance of Olympus falling into the labyrinth of darkness, Giving me solace, a strange comfort, and a strong shield.  As the essence of time passed, as men began to walk upon the earth, my anger grew, my passions went silently unmet, this was the way of my existence . Winter embedded in my heart eternally, frost crept from whatever I touched.  My name whispered  by only those who dare,  my servants come from the bones of the dead,I am the Lord of the death, and  the absence of Light.  In my Onyx tower I am untouchable, impenetrable,unyielding.


Until the dew of spring graced my vision and left with me broken with want.  A walking beam of sunlight and roses,  a delight amongst the thorns,  that  left me breathless.  As winter storms danced amongst the rays of the sun, I felt the frost lift from my veins, my world became no longer darkness but moonbeams. Feeling an emotion that never was felt before, indescribable To me, now well known,it has a name, it has a voice, and that is called fear.

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