Chiaro and Oscuro, Life and Death

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This is actually more magical realism than anything. This story is my first and I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



The blackness of night descended upon the new parents of a baby boy. He was named Oscuro, meaning black, because of his dark hair beginning to grow already. The father smiled at his boy and touched his small hands. The baby boy smiled for his first time as the father’s hand slowly turned black and smelled of decay from the dying flesh as it moved up his arm and through his body. The mother looked in horror as she instinctively slapped the baby boy’s hands for doing wrong and she too found the same fate as her husband. Oscuro grew up alone.

Time flowed as it does and Oscuro became older. Wandering through field after field, grasses dying blade after blade as he took his steps, he saw a beautiful white haired girl picking flowers as she too wandered. When she would pick a flower, it would flourish in her pale hands. She looked up with her light grey eyes and smiled as she continued picking her flowers. Oscuro walked to her.

She smiled and told her name. Chiaro, it meant light. She looked at the dying grass and flowers behind him. She smiled and touched each flower as they sprung back to life looking better than they previously did. Oscuro turned his head from envy, why does she get to spring forth life and he only takes life. He was cross, his head full of sadness and sorrow as he ran back across the fields. Every step brought forth more dead grass and more sadness in him.

His shadow stretched across the ground at his fire that night. He was huddled up to stay warm against a blackened and dead tree. It was the dead of winter as the wind blew with such force as to knock a man twice his size off his feet. He looked out on the field that was now frozen in snow and ice and cried as his tears froze to his face. He remembered Chiaro, that short meeting that meant so much. It was as though their lives were intertwined from the only short meeting they had. He had to find her once again, he had to know her. He trudged over the feet of chilling snow. Every fall, he got back up and continued on and on. He saw a figure in the distance walking calmly as though nothing terrible was going on around them. Chiaro, the one he was searching for. He got closer as she saw him and smiled. She began to hug him as he backed away quickly. He looked at the white snow as it froze to his pants. He stared into her eyes with feelings of rage, sadness, envy, and sorrow. She smiled and said nothing as the winds of the blizzard slowed and Oscuro turned away. This was not his place, not his destiny, not him. He left once again.

His pain grew in his soul, more intense every day. He became a bitter man, never touching anything and never speaking to anyone. He made his way across the fields he once walked. His tears fell with every step, as the grass and flowers died behind him. He remembered his pain in full. He remembered his loneliness. He remembered Chiaro.

He continued walking, never stopping or changing pace. He saw a young white-haired maiden. She was beautiful woman, who had lovely light grey eyes and a smile of an angel. She picked flowers from the field as they bloomed to life in her pale hands. It was Chiaro. Oscuro fell to his knees and begged for her forgiveness with tears in his eyes. He fell onto all fours and sobbed for hours and hours. He had done her wrong and regretted it every day of his bitter life. He saw her smile as she told him that he had done no wrong. He had hurt no one. He had not made her sad. She walked away as a trail of flowers sprung from the ground in her steps. He sobbed until the ground was damp.

He wandered through the field through the night as his trail of death followed him. He longed for her. He felt even more pain than before. He felt worthless. Death was all he knew. It poisoned his very soul. Life was in her soul and it made her live in eternal joy and happiness. He looked for her and never ended his search until she was found. She had a basket filled with white flowers when he found her. She smiled and looked at him with her light grey eyes. The flower she held flourished with life. She was happy, as was he.

Oscuro looked to the ground and clenched his fists. He remembered his pain. Chiaro took his hand and smiled.

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Chiaro and Oscuro, Life and Death

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