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Submitted: July 11, 2011

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Submitted: July 11, 2011



Some days I when I wake up and look in the mirror,

I can’t believe my eyes as my face draws nearer.

Pictures of who I am don’t appear to show

Reflections of who I was just a few years ago.

The journey from dark to light, from death to life

From pain and struggle and sorrow and strife…

It takes my mind on high seas for a ride

To think of all the change that’s happened inside.

To go from broken, beaten and depressed,

Slitting my wrists because I felt so stressed,

Clinging to lust, porn and sexual addiction,

Cutting myself with a knife as I stood in the kitchen;

Because everything I did left me empty,

Anger and apathy were feelings so plenty.

Feeling void of life and far from purpose,

Self-destructive and hollow and worthless.

Longing for death and sprinting toward Hell,

Even when God rang loud the wakeup bell.

But now I know those are things of the past,

Parts of a testimony that will forever last.

I know for sure beyond a hint of doubt

That the love of God will never run out.

And it blows my mind for all He’s done

When I come to realize it’s only begun.

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