A taste of things to come...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic


Chapter One
The young Raelokh chalon watched, silent and unmoving, as the wooden arm, pulled downward by the heavy sand-filled box hanging from it, swung upward, pulling the rope sling behind it. He was completely attuned to everything that was happening at that particular moment. He could hear the soft purl of the river; feel the slight breeze that was coming from the west. It was as if he was one with the world. The trebuchet released its projectile and sent it flying straight at Baron where he stood in the tall grass with his back to the Quartz River.
Working with the graceful, fluidness of the wind, he swiftly reached back, plucked an arrow from his quiver, drew it out, and set it to the string of his bow without taking his crimson gaze away from the flying projectile. He drew his bow to the full, aimed, and released. This all took place in only a second. Thunnn! The bow sang as it released the arrow. Hssss! The arrow sped toward its target. Thwock! The arrow struck the small wooden ball square in the center and the ball, having an arrow now protruding from it, was whipped off course and landed harmlessly to Baron’s left with a sodden thumph. Before the ball could even hit the ground, however, Baron spun left, nocking an arrow as he did, and let fly at another wooden projectile that was coming straight at him. Thunnn! Hssss-thwock! The arrow struck true and the ball, knocked off its course, splashed harmlessly into the water to his left, to be carried away by the swift current of the Quartz River, westward toward Quartz Lake.
Baron spun about and bolted north and east, following the shoreline of the Quartz River for about three hundred yards, his long blue hair flying out behind him as he ran. He stopped by a spruce and turned north and west, only to see not one but three of the wooden projectiles hurtling straight at him. Baron let fly three quick shots in such rapid succession that just before the first one hit home, the third was already in flight. Thock! Shock! Shock! All three arrows struck true, but before the first oaken ball hit earth, Baron spun south, nocking two arrows at once as he did, drew to the full, aimed, and released. Thunnn! Hssss-Sshocckk! The two arrows spread apart slightly as they flew, and each one hit a target dead center. Thumph! Thumph! Whack! The first two balls hit earth, while the third one strayed just a bit wide and hit a boulder, and the force from the impact shattered the arrow that was inside it.

Baron turned and bolted north and east along the river, and he ran headlong into the dense forest of Borderwood. Once he was within the trees—oak, maple, pine, spruce, cedar, birch, elm, sequoia, ash, walnut, butternut, and many other species—his senses were assailed by the forest; the soft shade of sunlight filtered through leaves and needles, the sweet aroma of the different types of wood; the muffled gurgle of the river. He stopped to gain his bearings, nocked an arrow to his bow and, slowly and stealthily, began walking through the forest. Baron moved deliberately and with total caution—his tilted crimson eyes scanning and darting back and forth for anything out of place; his pointed ears listening intently for even the slightest sound that did not belong; his nose searching for any scent that was not right; but he sensed naught of danger. It was still there, though. That much he knew.

With the silence and stealth of a wraith, he flitted to and fro among the trees. A slight scraping sound from above and to his right, a sound that was barely audible to Raelokh ears and inaudible to all other ears—which he recognized at once as the sound of a boot ribbing against the bark of a sycamore tree—told Baron that an archer was taking aim at him. With the speed of lightning he spun around and loosed his arrow at the source of the sound. Thunnn! Hss-thudh! His arrow hit the archer in the chest and the foe fell from the tree and landed with a thumph on the forest floor. Baron heard a rustle of leaves from above and directly behind him, and he knew that a foe had just leapt from a maple tree to bring a sword down and through his skull. With such swiftness as could only be see by the eyes of Elves, Raelokhs, and Morlen, Baron shouldered his bow and spun around, drawing his sword as he did, to meet the enemy...

I already have the first book and part of the second book written down in notebooks. I am simply working on transerring it to microsoft word... And with school, work, and mascotting, I dont have too much time in between so be patient because trust me it will pay off...

Submitted: December 24, 2007

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Interesting, i like short stories, especially with this much details.

Fri, January 4th, 2008 2:41am


well, this was just a preview to chapter one of my novel, which I posted on december 29... You should read it... I'm about to post chapter 2 like, probably tonight...

Fri, January 4th, 2008 6:21pm

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