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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
Written summer 2012.

Submitted: June 20, 2012

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Submitted: June 20, 2012




Stuck on the floor, bound by a chain

Unable to get up or move

Alone, afraid, and in searing pain

No one around, nothing to soothe


My gaze shifted from here to there

Taking in the view of the room

All that I saw seemed to declare

I was in a public restroom


Blood covered the walls and sink

The toilet, the stall, and the floor

The air was ripe with putrid stink

As light shown through an open door


“Where did this blood come from?” I cried

While my lips never made a sound

“Someone find me!” I begged inside

Certain that I’d never be found


Panic rose and fear settled in

My heart pounded inside my chest

My breathing began to quicken

As my mind searched but found no rest


I closed my eyes, wishing I’d die

So deafening the silence screamed

I opened my mouth, tried to cry

But my voice failed, so mute I seemed


I struggled, fought, pulled at the chain

But it was strong, and I was frail

Thus my effort was all in vain

I was powerless to prevail


So I sat, face in blood-soaked hands

Weighed down by shame and agony

I had inside no strength to stand

It could not be found within me


I dug deep and tried to recall

How it was I had gotten there

But found no answer, none at all

Save the silence that filled the air


Just how long had I been captive

Shackled, held fast, chained to the floor?

My memory, so elusive

Could have been a lifetime or more


Was it possible, could it be

That I would never leave this place?

The very thought of being free

Was like a name without a face


How I wished I could simply stand

And see what lied outside the door

Or for someone to lend a hand

And help me get up off the floor


But I knew deep within my heart

That nobody would ever come

And that when the light turned to dark

Darkness is what I would become


I collapsed, I gave up, I caved in

Head bowed low in deepest sorrow

Realizing that this was my end

I would never see tomorrow


Then I heard, coming from outside

Like the sound of deliverance

The faint echo of footsteps cried

Drawing closer, closing distance


In He walked, robed in brightest white

Hope resounding with every step

From Him shone forth brilliant light

Penetrating darkness and death


I watched with shock and deepest awe

As all the blood was drawn to Him

As it absorbed into His cloth

It did not stain, it did not dim


He turned, our eyes interlocking

And to my greatest disbelief

To where I was He came walking

With His hand extended to me


With every ounce of strength, behold

I reached up and took hold of Him

Water, beautiful water, flowed

Coming from the hole in His hand


As He pulled me up to my feet

The chain around my ankle broke

My clothes turned from black to white, clean

As I was overwhelmed with hope


He reached His hand behind His back

And brought forth a robe like His own

Not a single trait did it lack

For from it beautiful light shown


As He placed the robe around me

I felt alive, no longer dead

Peace resonated throughout me

As He looked me in the eye and said


“This… this is your new purity

That I am now clothing you with

Don’t take it off, don’t get it dirty

For it is a most precious gift.”


Then, like the sound of great wind blow

The entire room fell aside

The walls and floor vanished below

As I soared upward toward the sky


Surrounded by brilliant light

Spectrums I’d never seen before

Oh, what a most marvelous sight

Beautiful colors evermore


I found myself gasping, breathless

Resting in massive arms of love

Sheltered, no longer defenseless

In this great fortress here above


And I knew from that point forward

That in His arms is where I’d be

This I knew, He was my reward

And then I knew I’d been set free


© Copyright 2017 Trainman238. All rights reserved.

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