Nicole (Leave Me Be)

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Actually wrote this late April, but for some reason did not post here. Anyway.

Submitted: May 29, 2015

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Submitted: May 29, 2015



Where was I supposed to go
When you left me there all alone
Where will I now find my rest
A place where I can get you off my chest

You left me there that day
A broken dream and matching heart
Call me up eight mon ths later and
Say you're wondering how I've been

I won't do this again.
Not this time, not again

Now I guess I finally know
How a heart can grow so cold
Regret seems to last forever and
You're the only person on that list

I won't do this again
Not this time, not again

Nicole, open up your eyes and see
Everything you did to me
Oh, won't you just leave me be
I'm better off without your company

For every time I trusted you
To turn around and say we're through
I wonder, did you know
That you'd end up alone?

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