Scribble Boy meets Percy Jackson

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Scribble boy meets a friend who has been through
something quite similar and they become best of friends after percy sticks up for him.

Submitted: December 25, 2008

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Submitted: December 25, 2008



Scribble Boy: Meets Percy Jackson
After 2 days of staying in bed and almost dying of
Starvation, Scribble boy returned to the outdoor
World which he loved, but he dared not go to valley
Because of the well feared Sean Finch.
So he decided to go to the small community park
In the complete opposite direction of the valley
About a mile away from his house which
He could probably run in one go because he was
Good at cross country.
When he finally arrived to his surprise
The usually deserted park was full of children
And there was Sean finch right in the middle
Of everyone he had the idea to run but fought it
He brought himself to talk to Sean finch.
And he said you’re an idiot Sean Finch…
Sean Finch totally ignored him and a fury built up
Inside of him so much that he slapped him right across
The face Sean finch fell to ground but immediately did a full
Back flip and brought him self and punch
Little John so hard that he was flung backwards.
That’s when Percy stepped in
“Hey you get out of here now big fat bully”
Percy was much older than John and he also
Had the head the size of John and Sean put together
“What you going to do”
And with that Percy through a fist that could
Probably dent a car Sean tried to dodge
But that only made because the punch still hit him
And because he dodged to the left and Percy had
Thrown a left upper cut which hit his
Sean’s jaw which lifted him off his feet and into
The thorn bushes and Sean ran
Home with blood dripping from his nose.
“Thanks a lot”
“Aar it was nothing”
“So how did you get on the wrong side of him?”
“To be honest he got on the wrong side of me”
“It’s a long story”

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