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I like him but I cannot for his sake.

Submitted: June 28, 2014

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Submitted: June 28, 2014



I closed my eyes, leaned into him and said, "I wish I had known earlier." Taking in his smell one more time, I pushed away from him and got up. Strengthening my resolve, I turned to him and said, "I'm sorry but I don't think this would work out. Let's just be friends."

With a resigned sigh, he brushed his pants, got up and said, "I understand and mostly expected this to happen. Thank you for being honest with me. At least let me take you home?"

I nodded and silently got on his motorcycle. We rode back in silence. Once we made it back to the corner of my street, he stopped the engine, took off his helmet and turned around. "I'm sorry we didn't even end up having dinner together, I truly wanted us to have a good time." He extended his hand as he said this as if trying to grab me and pull me into a hug but stopped midway and helplessly brought it up to scratch his head.

"Thanks for the ride it was quite an adventure and thank you for saving my life," I looked deep into his bottomless eyes hoping to convey how much I appreciated his help and how much he meant to me. He mumbled a "you're welcome" as I walked away.

Once I got to my room, I collapsed on the bed. So many things happened today. I was on a field assignment and my cover had been blown. The company I was spying on was coming after me and I almost made it out of the office building but I never guessed they would invest money on bullet proof windows for every floor. The company's guards had me cornered and were moving in when he came in through a vent and pulled me out. 

I spent the rest of my night reviewing what had happened and the would've should've and could'ves. On multiple occasions I questioned my decision for ending things just like that. The next morning I woke up extremely restless and unmotivated to even roll out of bed. I went to class as usual and kept looking for him to show up, but he never did. I guess I won't be seeing him around anymore, back to life as it was before he came.

A few weeks passed and I spent every day wondering with a small amount of hope whether I would ever see him again. My decision to not let us become attached was my attempt to be selfless. He is the most flawless person I had ever met and has no weaknesses. I did not want to become that one weakness that hindered his job or allowed him to get hurt. 

My concern for him lead me down another line of thought. Since my last mission, I had been doing odd jobs for the agency, mostly desk work. Before, I had been put out in the field quite a bit but now they were adamant about me being restricted to just office work. I've been going to my boss every day trying to convince her to allow me out into the field but she says I'm too green and could jeopardize my life which is something she doesn't want to be responsible for. While it frustrated me, I understood her perspective and since I had been caught once I was in a more dangerous position so I was always the one to let it go.

On a random day, I was at the office picking up something from the printer when I saw him walking by. He was talking with my boss. I inched closer to listen in on what they were talking about. What was he doing here in the first place? This is now my domain and he had no business being here. Heat coursed through me as I got angrier. I stomped closer no longer caring about being discreet to eavesdrop. As I got near enough to hear what they say, I stopped dead on my tracks. It turns out they were talking about me. He was checking up on me and making sure I don't go do any field work. Now it all makes sense. How dare he try to dictate my life. He disappears for weeks on end, then shows up one day and screws up my entire life. 

As angry as I was, I knew that was not the time to pick a fight with them. Quietly I walked back to my cube and silently fumed. Taking my anger out on post its sitting around. Once I knew they were done talking, I ambushed my boss. "So what were you talking with him about?" I asked casually.

My boss looked up with her poker face that she uses with clients and said in a nonchalant voice, "He was just asking about the state of the agency."

I stared hard at her and silently challenged her to try to keep up the facade. After a minute, she caved and said, "Alright, you win. We were talking about you, Hunter was concerned."

I nodded noncommittally while coming up with a plan for negotiation. The I blurted, "I want a mission. I know he's been keeping me from them but we both know I am a great operative and am perfect for a lot of covers."

She hesitated, then responded, "I agree with you but he is extremely against it."

"Then convince him.Tell him I am not under his jurisdiction." I urged.

She nodded and promised to try but also told me not to expect anything. She then walked away not waiting for my response and I went back to my mundane desk work.

The next day, I walked to my table and saw a sheet of paper lying on top. It said, "You have been cordially invited to join SA's Competition." SA was the secret association that no one could get into without an invitation. It was very exclusive. A post it was attached to he paper, it read, "You got the mission conditionally. You have to promise to trust me and to listen to me or I will kick you out."

I laughed, he was still micromanaging but at least now I had a job. My boss came over, "I hope you can handle this. It is a very high level mission, I can try to find someone else if you want."

I shook my head and grinned at her, "No, this is perfect. Thank you." 

With a brisk nod, she switched back into business mode. "Your equipment is down in the lab, the missions starts at 09. The competition will be week long. Good luck."

The SA competition was renowned for being intense and for everyone's superior abilities. I was worried that my abilities would not be enough to match up so I went back to do some meditation. I would need all the focus I could get for the upcoming competition.

I got to the competition building at 08 and he was already standing here leaning against the wall with his hands in his jean pockets. When he saw me, his face lit up and he walked over to me with his long legs. When he got to my, he gave me a sudden hug. I was completely taken aback. He whispered in my ear, "Please be careful we're looking for the leader in the shadows that we encountered last time, but don't worry I will protect you no matter what."

My heart skipped a beat after hearing him say that. No. I told myself I would not fall for him.

He casually took my hand and we walked through the door into the competition hand in hand. He changed his appear so he was now only slightly taller than me compared to his typical height of 6ft. 

The moment we walked through the doors, a tall guy who looked about 6'5" started towards us. He chuckled and said under his breath, "And so the fun begins."

Hunter pulled me along as we walked toward the other man. As we got closer, he said "Bryan, good to see you again. Best of luck in the competition."

Bryan ignored him and stared intently at me. "Who's this? I have never seen her before. This is the first time you've brought anyone to the competition with you. You are the only person to have ever won the competition alone. Are you sure she won't be a handicap for you?"

I was offended by his comment but also had the same concern. He lifted his head, stood a little taller and responded, "No doubt. She is one of the best. You had best be careful."

Then he lead me to the front desk still holding onto my arm and we got our numbers. Let the competition officially begin. Though I do not feel quite ready, Hunter is with me and I know I can get through anything with him there with me. 

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