How We Make Money Online with Empower Network

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Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012




How We Make Money Online by Using Blogging with Empower Network

There are two roads you can take with Empower Network
You can either do one, or do both.

The first road would be Affiliate Marketing
-You sell the companies blogging service, to your viewers (You may blog about anything by the way).
-They give you advertisements to use through your blog, that people can click

The second road would be Networking Marketing
-You use the blogging service as lead generation
-Add highly targeted, keyword-rich articles and promote each post

Either way, you will be getting their blogging system (that you will be using when you sign up) for you to sell. This is a pay-per-sale position and it's 100% commission.

Here is what you will do:
You will be blogging using the instant authority blog system (which cost $25) (WordPress will be used, they have joined the company).
When you blog and write articles (You want to do as many as you can and post 1-2 a day), you will naturally get views thanks to the authority blog and the built in SEO system you have access too. These views will become your leads (the people you promote too)

The second thing that you will do, is promote the service to others. The service you are promoting is the service that you now own thanks to the $25. Let me explain that real quick: When you pay the $25 you are buying their services and creating your own affiliate blogging business, which you then sell to your viewers. You may ask yourself why you should be selling a blogging service when you can just find one for free and post there. The main reason is because (like I said) you are set up with an authority blog and will instantly get views instead of possibly getting popular in the next 6-12 months on a free site. When you promote and sell this service, you get 100% commission deposited to you instantly!

How you make money:
Blog daily, Market daily, Make money.
Empower Network is affiliating marketing. Which means in this case, when you blog, you generate leads, when you get leads. With this leads that you get, you promote the service Empower Network is providing (The Empower Network Blogging System), the service that you are also using. When you promote this blogging system and get people to buy it, you get 100% commission on the sale. This commission then gets deposited to you directly. There are also other programs you can promote and get commission off of.

What happens after joining:
After you join the Empower Network, you will have a sponsor and personal training! Your sponsor will be Cristian Vega and your assistant sponsor will be Christine Transue (me). Together we will train you to make sure you reach your goals with the company and become successful. Also you will have access to a wide variety of FREE videos.There are also additional programs you can purchase, which many often choose to do. Don’t forget, you will be a part of a team and will be trained to run your own Affiliate Blogging business. You will then go out and form your own team and train them to do the same.

Monday Night Conference Calls:
After joining with Empower Network, you will receive information on the Conference calls every Monday at 9pm EDT. On these calls the founders of Empower Network, David Wood and David Sharpe, will speak. Even if you are still debating about joining the empower network, you may join in on these calls. You will just have to come to us for the information.

Additional Information
What you Pay for:
- $25 a month for an SEO Instant Authority Blog
- $19.95 [$1 the first month] a month for Email Capturing/AutoResponse (helps promote blog) (optional)
- $19.95 a month Empower Network Compensation Plan (optional)

Optional Investments:
- $100/month for Inner Circle Marketing Training
- $250 one time fee for $15,000 per month Income Formula
- $500 one time fee for Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive Training



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