UPCOMING: Tesla Model S

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Learn about the Tesla Model S.

In production now!!



Tesla Model S

The upcoming model in production now!

If you happen to have $5,000 laying around, go reserve yours today. I know I want to.

So let’s get started

First off, the specs and features on this car are incredible! I don’t even know where to get started. I will throw one thing in at this time. These cars are fully customizable to your needs. Which I think is fantastic and helpful.

Tesla has been saying that this model will be “honed for performance”. Now of course this is all because of what it is at the heart of this vehicle.

The Tesla powertrain. Let me jump to explaining this real quick, then I will continue.
This powertrain is not like any other you may be familiar with. Instead of having hundreds of moving pieces, there is just one piece that is involved. The Rotor. This allows the model s to accelerate instantly, with no use of gasoline (yes that's correct. NO GASOLINE) . Let’s imagine this as “flipping a switch”. Which allows this to happen...(see picture.) Heavenly right?


Now back on track.
This model s will also offer the responsiveness and agility expected from a ….. sports car. Yet at the same time, will provide you with the riding experience of a sedan. What a great combination.

|HEADING|Now what about the driving dynamics? (drools)
This car has agility and grace when driving. (did I mention this before?) Thanks to the suspension system, it works in harmony with the light tesla platform. This then allows the precise handling and optimized comfort you will experience. This model s goes beyond just being a “great ride” with amazing handling. It gives you automatic advantages, alongside on-demand features (I’m not talking Comcast on-demand either). You may ask yourself what suspension system this is, well my friends, it is called the Active Air Suspension. Let’s talk more about it the automatic features and on-demand.
When driving this vehicle and accelerating, the car will lower itself to ensure optimized aerodynamics and increased range (fancy). The on-demand feature allows you to use the touchscreen to manually raise or lower the vehicle according to your needs. Needs being thick snow or maybe a steep driveway.

Along with all these wonderful features, the Electric Power Steering automatically reacts to any driving condition. Which will allow you to remain comfortable and connected with the road at all times.

Now (possibly) the part you have been waiting to hear about.

The Battery


The model has has 3 different battery selections. You as the buyer can choose which one you may need. Let me tell you what each battery can handle.

40kWh: 160 miles - Top Speed 110 - 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds
60kWh: 230 miles - Top Speed 120 - 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds
85kWh: 300 miles - Top Speed 130 - 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds

No matter which of these batteries you choose, each will have the automotive-grade lithium-ion cells. This guarantees to give optimum energy density, thermal management and more importantly, safety.

Now you may ask yourself how you will be charging your car. The good news is, gas stations around the country are soon going to install charging stations. Which is phenomenal! You will though at first be charging at home most of the time. Each model S comes with a High Power wall connector. Since it usually takes an hour to charge about 50%, people will choose to charge the car overnight (like you do a cell phone). Now if you want to travel with the model S, the best thing to get is the twin chargers and the Supercharger. Each guarantees longer battery life and faster charging. For instance, the supercharger will charge 50% of the battery in 30 minutes. This is for only when you need it, if you use this device to much, you will kill the battery and have to buy a new one.

Now the last and final thing I want to mention, just incase you are questioning yourself and feeling this car may be too good to be true.

Environmental Aspect


The tesla is not like your other hybrid cars that love to burn refined petroleum. Oh no, it’s much better than that!  It has the advantage to use electricity however it’s produced. Coal, solar, wind etc.) So if you buy one of these, you have the advantage!

Now who wants one?
I know I do!!


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Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Mentis Cibum

I want one! But in the future, I think that instead of cars and buses, there could just be loopy-curvey roller coasters that take you wherever you want to go! :D

Wed, July 25th, 2012 10:53pm


Haha, what an imagination you have!

Wed, July 25th, 2012 3:57pm

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