Bunnie boi

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A guy friend of mine
he is short
and sincer
but he loves me
do i?

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011



I call you bunnie boi

You call me sexy

we use to be friends

but you want to be more

I tell you i want to be just friends

but do i want more?

You moved

we still talk

you lie to me

i go along with it

you tell me you smoke

i dont believe you

you tell me you drink

i know your lying

you tell me your wanted

by a russian mob

i dont understand why you think i believe you

I try to change  the subject

but you told me you had sex

like 20 times

i rolled my eyes and said okay...

you ask me what?

i dont tell you

we get in a fight

i dont care

you tell me your going choke yourself

because your mom threatened you

and your family is making fun of you

i text you 20 times

asking if your okay

you text me an hour later

you tell me your in the hospital

then how the fuck are you texting me?!

i went along with your little lies

but apart of me wants to die

i told you all my secrets

i told you all my issues

i trusted you

but now you lie to me?

i think honesty is all you have

all you have is your word

why would you lose it

are you trying to make me love u?

you told me you loved me

i told you not to tell me that....

but do i want you?

i know you want me

but were just friends

is that how it should be?

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