I hate you daddy

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I write full of hate towards my dad. this is for him. ill be printing and editing this then giving it to him

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011



I hate you dad

you hate me too

wait that's not right

it suppose to be

i love you daddy

i love you too sweetie

well its not.

not for you and me

its different

you see daddy

you hurt me

you make me cry

i was barely nine

when i first cut

it felt so good

it felt so right

it was because of you

you killed me little by little

each time you called.

each time i saw you

behind the bars

i smiled like i was fine

but you continued to hurt me

i finally stood up to you

9 years later

you've been in jail since i was 4

i still cry

and have nightmares

i stay up at night

sometimes till daylight

you told me to go to hell

well then ill see you there

yet your still here

i told you to fuck off

i don't know if you heard

you might've already hung up

well daddy or should i say Jose

i got a knew dad today

he called me his daughter

and it made me feel good

he acts like a father

i never would've had

Jose I'm glad

your going to be out of my life soon

maybe by January

once we get in court

I'm not a Figueroa anymore

I am a Cherime

I'm glade i had this nice little chat

Goodbye Jose

have a nice day




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