Silent screamsXxXx

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My fingers write/type on there own. my mind shuts down so everything is from my heart and soul. everything i lock inside is reavealed by my silent words being heard

Submitted: December 07, 2011

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Submitted: December 07, 2011



I'm screaming out to you

with these silent screams of mine

I might be smiling on the outside

I might be doing stupid stuff

its all an act

to stop you from seeing 

thaton the inside I'm shattered

I'm screaming

I'm crying

to who?

to anyone who will listen

My screams are drowned out with all the words i never said

I'm sorry

My memories of  my life

are now turned to rust

i hear myself going insane

while i think your just playing games

your making me go insane

everyone is

don't feel bad

i wish someone would hear these silent screams of mine

take time and listen

to my screams ill never scream

to the words i will never speak

to the tears ill never spill

to my life that will never heal

It's no ones fault. 

its mine

i just cant get it out.

i hope one day someone will unlock the things in my mind

I hope someday you'll be mine

Please take the time


because these silent screams will be the last

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