Broken Wings

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Poem from a few years ago.

Submitted: March 21, 2007

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Submitted: March 21, 2007



Broken Wings


I am an old, tired bird and my wings are broken

How long has it been since I’ve felt the wind in my hair?

How sweet the sound of somber air under soaring wings if I but hold my breath

Was it a dream I used to believe?

I have been walking so long that I can’t remember anymore

Maybe I’ve never flown at all

I have only now the comfort of smoke

My dear old friend who will kill me in the end

Still the world looks a little prettier through a smoky haze so I am content

I dream of oceans and of hope

And my sweet dove and I laughing for always

Letting the waves wash the sun off our backs

My delusions will be my downfall

Never a day has passed when the wind has not blown cold

Has the cold pierced me so that I’ve become numb?

Your tantalizing warmth tempts me more then ever

It’s ever so close

Yet always just out of reach of my broken grasp

I breathe in your sweet fragrance and sigh

I have been dreaming my whole life

The world is too harsh and my wings are broken

But it’s time to wake up

I must open my eyes and see if you are still there

If you are not, I know what I must do

I must climb higher then I’ve ever dreamed

I will weather any storm; nothing will stop me this time

I will climb to highest peak with my broken wings

And see if I can fly

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