Mask of Apathy

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Another ranting, lovesick poem from Trauma.

Submitted: December 30, 2006

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Submitted: December 30, 2006





I’m tired of this

I’m tired of feeling like this

You just think I’m going to wait around forever for you

There’s so much I dig about you

I love how you are always nervously nodding your head

I love the way you keep constantly talking when you are scared

I love that your feet smell

You think you’re ugly

You could give me a whole laundry list about what’s wrong with how you look

But to me you couldn’t be more lovely, and I wouldn’t change a damn thing

You pretend to be so cold sometimes, but I see right through that

You don’t fool me one bit

I see that you care too much and it overwhelms you

So you put on a mask of apathy

Your heart is too fragile for this world and that is the only defense you know

Let me be its shield

Never again will you have to fear of it being hurt, and never again will it be broken

You said to me no one will ever truly love you but someone does

He’s sitting here right now, missing you

But I’ve just about had enough

My heart’s fragile too

I’ve told you I would always be there for you and I meant that

But I need you now and I can’t take much more

And I’m not waiting around forever

One day you’ll look up and I’ll be gone

And I will belong to you no more


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