One Sweet Kiss

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Hey, new poem I wrote, more on the sensual side.

Submitted: January 28, 2007

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Submitted: January 28, 2007



One Sweet Kiss 


I would love to turn you on

The thought of your soft skin drives me mad

I dream of caressing your soft lips

Lingering ever so slightly and feeling you tremble

I could stare forever into your blue eyes

My hand would gently graze your small body

Feeling every last inch

My hand would rest on your heart

Holding you so close to me

A slight sigh would escape your lips

You may see me as a boy

But I’d be a man with you

I would know how to touch you

My loving touch could set you free

It’s only hope to give you sweet, beautiful pleasure

Make you writhe in the beauty of true love

I would take your trembling hand into mine and never let go

I would make you feel beautiful

This is what we could have

Your terror in succumbing to this made you push me away

You can’t breathe at the thought of surrendering to this

And I am lost without you

I need you, babe, and you need me

We can be fucked up together

All of our problems will all fly away

With one sweet kiss

I would love to turn you on

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