Standing in the Ashes

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This poem started off in such despair, and surprised me by ending in such hope.

Submitted: January 17, 2007

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Submitted: January 17, 2007



Standing in the Ashes


Standing over the ashes of what I’ve burned to the ground

Once again I’ve burned it to a crisp and she will never come around


I tried with all my furious might to still this dark fire

I tried to slay my old demons but was consumed by my desire


You conquered my fragile, tender, bleeding heart

And have casually handed me what was left; all broken apart


I desperately hoped and believed I could make you care

But you’ve abandoned me here alone, when I most need you near


I prayed desperately to the gods to shower their mercy on me

But they tempted, and took, and laughed with such glee


The fire is burning me now, blood spills from my eyes

Blinding me from my truth; all I can see is your lies


My scarred hand reaches desperately for your tender grasp

You see only joy though in my fire, my face burns off revealing my mask


I watch you carefully as a slight smile cross your face

I am naked now in front of you, and you love this bitter taste


Now you will leave, you make sure to walk away slow

A light blinds my sunken eyes and I can’t see where you go


I know I won’t see you again; my heart falls to the floor

What’s left of it dies for I will see you no more


My love and my mind have consumed my poor soul

And you’ve left me falling into a dark hole


As I fall to the ground, laughter escapes my lips

I know I will bleed no more; your love is my eclipse


The laughter fades away and I’m content to lay here and dream

My eyes close while they can; tears flow through them like a stream


The Dreams are all I have, my love is now lost

I was foolish enough to believe in you, and this is the cost


Your smell lingers in my nose; it’s what I’ll most miss

The Dream ends as I hold you; it won’t let me feel your kiss

I decide I will lie here forever; I will leave my heart shut

A light suddenly shines on me; a soft hand pulls me up


This is spot where she left me, where I was meant to die

A tear splashes my face; its warmth gives me life


The mysterious being lingers, I can’t see who is there

A smile remembers my face, I breathe in its sweet air


The soft hand gives me an apple; its smell so familiar to me

The hand lingers on my face; grazing my cheek softly


I try to take the hand of my face; I remember this tease

The hand refuses to let go; I feel a gentle breeze


I try hard to find words, I can’t think of what to say

The breeze turns into a storm, and the hand is whisked away


Standing over the ashes of my burning, foolish love

My eyes gaze up through the hole wondering what waits above


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