Sweet Prince

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Poem from a few years ago, about a girl I liked. It was sad seeing how hard she was trying to please him and how much he demanded for her. It's sad when girls try to be something there not for a guy when there's nothing wrong with them in the first place.

Submitted: April 26, 2007

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Submitted: April 26, 2007



Sweet Prince


Girl with the misty eyes

Cover up those tears, my love

It wouldn't do for him to see you cry

It angers him when you break like a little girl

Push your hair back the way he likes it

The sting of him pushing it from you face will fade

Get your ass back in school and get that degree already

You're not as smart as him but he's learning to live with that

You must always dress to his pleasure

You know he says you've put on a few

Your butt is too big which he doesn't like

It's becoming harder and harder for him to find you attractive

You need to work on that

Keep running and never stop

Until you are at his ideal weight

He doesn't love you, but he's trying his best

He has been very patient with you

Stop being so spoiled

You must do what he wants to do, and be who he wants you be

And always, always keep that smile on your face and be grateful

Lose everything you are and surrender to his grace

For not all of us are as lucky to have someone so special

Forget that this boy asks none of these things from you

And how he loves every silly little thing about you

And how special and perfect you are in his eyes

Forget about this old fool whose breath you have taken away

Do all these things for your sweet prince, and if you're lucky

Maybe one day he'll marry you

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