This Familiar Night

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Second Poem about a girl I like:)

Submitted: December 28, 2006

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Submitted: December 28, 2006



This Familiar Night


I am never quite sane at night

Thoughts of you are on my mind

Just thinking of you in that blue shirt; you looked so small and lovely

Thoughts of you in that white dress are too painful to bear

Yet my heart betrays me and I can think of nothing but

What was that noise?

I get up to check

It is nothing, as always

I look out my window, squinting my eyes

I can almost see her

I can almost see her….


The thought of you coming to me in the night, needing me

A foolish dream but I can’t help it

I wonder when next I’ll see you

This phantom hope disappears once I close my eyes

I sink deeper into my chair

Maybe I’ll call you when day has rescued me from this familiar night

I’ll call you and you won’t answer

That is the promise of tomorrow

That I can count on

That and the certainty that just when I think I’ve figured you out

And that I can live with the fact that you aren’t going to love me, you always surprise me


Just when I think I’ve reclaimed what’s left of my pathetic, little life, you decide to show me some affection that would make me so happy if they didn’t open new and more painful wounds


Because I know that we are going to play this old painful game, all over again


I try to believe that finally, this time, you will open yourself to me, and we can explore the world, together

With Love being what we could find

You find new ways to break my heart every day, and you’ve found another

Am I just a random thought that drifts in and out of your mind from time to time, or is there something else there?

That is the mystery I will contemplate tonight


I wonder if you ever think of me

If fond feelings of affection ever enter your thoughts as you try to find sleep

If somewhere in the deepest recesses of your heart, an image of me rests there

A sad smile crosses my face as I drift away


I am never quite sane at night

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