Normal School Life

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Kate Greenwood is a new student at ''Spades Academy''. Her school life is getting lively each time she fights with Sammy Goldman as they have each fallen in love with the new boy, Jason.

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



Mom: Kate, it's time to wake up!

Kate: Mom, I'm having a sweet dream! Don't disturb me.

Mom: If you're not waking up, you will be late!

Kate: Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me, Mom.

Mom: Anytime.

Kate rushed to the bathroom to bathe,change into her uniform and brush her hair.

Kate: Mom! I'm going out,have a nice day.

Mom: Thanks Dear, have a good day.

At Spades Academy,

Kate: Wow,this is is... huge.

Vivian: Of course! I'm Vivan MacMillion

Kate: Hi Vivian! I'm Kate Greenwood.

Vivian: Show me your timetable.

Kate passed her timetable to Vivian.

Vivan: You're lucky,you are in the same class as me.

Kate smiled.

Kate: Really? I'm glad the next class is someone I know with me.

At class,

Sammy: Ohhhh. Look! The ugly losers group are here.

Vivian: Sammy, stop it.

Sammy: The loser want me to stop? What is her name again? Miss Loser?

Vivian: It's Vivian! Miss Bossy.

Sammy: What did you say? Repeat it.


Vivian shouted at the top of her lungs.

Sammy pull up her uniform collar and told her.

Sammy : You dare say that name again, I will make sure you are gone. Together with your corpses.

Vivian: I'm waiting for it.

Kate: Stop it!

Sammy put Vivian down and look at Kate.

Sammy: You have a nice figure and the same hair colour. You must be one of our group! Than this loser's group.

Kate: I would rather die than join yours. I want freedom instead of bullying.

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