I found Me

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all about the most curious thing on the planet, love.

Submitted: May 06, 2007

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Submitted: May 06, 2007



Face me now, my darling,
and do tell me what you see
Golden hair?
Leafy green eyes?

No, I meant look on the inside

Do you see the love I feel
The very love we share
The void you filled up in me
The day we met?

Can you see the joyous wonder and hope
And the effortless smile I always carry with me?
Can you see my simple elation,
And my heartfelt adoration? 

Look a little deeper, my love.

Now can you see the fear I have?
Something so hidden, something I cant grab,
But the fear of loss is there, the fear of doubt
I lose you, my love, and my life is through.

Look much deeper, into my soul
And I'm sure you now can see..
The feeling my hearbeat regulates
The feeling that wont go away...

Love is just that: simply love. 

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