When I Was

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A brief section of what could be considered a documentary of my almost-suicidal teen life, with my opinion on it as of now.

Submitted: May 11, 2007

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Submitted: May 11, 2007



Teenagers sometimes feel what some call 'teenage angst'. Personally, when I went through it, I called it a suicide wish. I used to come home, and on a daily basis, take somewhere between 10 and 40 painkiller and 3 or 4 sleeping pills, and be down for hours. Other times, I would rip the blades out of my shaving razor and glide them across my skin, usually around my hips, leaving what is now over 100 scars. It shames me now to know that I was so destructive.

What truly bothers me about this, is that around the time I stopped, I discovered that the urge still existed. Actually, it still exists to this day, though my fiancee keeps me frm harming myself. Cutting yourself is an addiction, and a truly hard one to break. Love got me to stop, and I have never been happier.



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