Depths of Despair

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This writing depicts my thoughts after meeting a stranger who somehow felt special to me. We talked, walked, and even danced together.

However, i had a girlfriend. Things had been bad for a while, and it was close to a break-up. I truly loved her, but she didn't feel right for me.

And so i couldn't resist dancing with this girl.

This was written in an attempt to put words on my feelings, having the best evening i can remember while feeling like the worst a person can be.

The text goes with "Lazarus" by "Porcupine Tree" by adding one additioanl verse and chorus before the bridge.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011




There you were just sitting there, somehow dazzling
But completely unaware how you glowed

No idea of what I did, yet you talked to me
and smiled

Followed my heart
And it all felt so right
But i…
I shouldn’t be here
It’s all so unclear

Carried on, went down the streets - Something special
A billion lights inside your eyes - So innocent i died…
I died…

Followed my heart
To the depth of despair
‘Cause i…
I shouldn’t be here
But it feels so right?

Pretty like stars
But a heartache inside
And I…
I should had left you
It just wasn’t right

Dancing with an angel now – I was sure of it
Touch of hands, I was so close to you – Then silence broke,
And said:

God, how could i
Really do this to you?
But I’m…
Searching the lights for

just a glimpse of your eyes

Feeling so bad
All because of a dance
I beg…
Please do forgive me
Know it wasn’t right

So close there is no way back
Admit that you once were glad
That you once had what you found
I can’t breathe, what’s happening?

Trying to find a right place
My disgrace taking over me

Talking so smooth
Were we meant to be more?
(meant to be)
(meant to be more?)
You know…
I won't forget this
Can’t even regret

Color my life
Let me closer to you
(Closer to)
(Closer to you)
You know…
Moonlight is shining
From out of your soul

Where to now?
What if i..?
An angel crossed my road…


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