The Fall

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Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.

Submitted: March 10, 2016

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Submitted: March 10, 2016



I read in a book once that the nation that once made up this part of the world, built their empire on an ideal they called Manifest Destiny. They believed that it was the destiny of their nation to stretch from one beach to another across the entire continent. Nothing would stand in their way as they took land from barbaric natives and colonials of competing nations. Eventually they took it all.

After decades of building and a long, bloody Civil War, the nation finally achieved its goal with a final total of forty eight allied states united under one glorious flag. Then began a new age of industry and with the turn of the century new technologies developed at an exponential rate to allow for unprecedented military power. After initially ignoring the rising hostilities in the nations across the Atlantic, the nation of states decided, in their ultimate wisdom that it was their duty to aid those they called allies. With a crushing victory they would return home to an economic boom unseen in generations. They patted themselves on the back for a job well done putting those imperials in their place. But all that celebration came with a price.

The economic boom was short lived and eventually waned as the complicity of unchecked spending and overzealous bankers ruined the nation’s financial power. The rich lost their wealth while the poor lost their lives. It wasn’t until a new threat loomed from the ashes of a fallen foe that the nation once again united itself against a common enemy. The war machine breathed new life into the ailing economy and the eventual triumph rocketed the victors to new heights. For the first time in their history they assumed the mantle of a world super-power. But that wasn’t enough.

Greed and corruption plagued the bureaucratic machinations of government. War after unending war over nonrenewable resources produced a generation of outspoken youths that rallied against conservative ideals but were desensitized to the tribulations of life in nations other than their own leading to a culture of hypocrisy. The nation once united under the stars and stripes was then populated with those who preferred to burn the flag in rebellious demonstrations of their contempt for a rival political party. What came next was no surprise.

People on both sides of the political line took for granted their idea of Manifest Destiny, believing that their unified states would always be there, united and strong. I’m sure the Romans believed the same thing. As terrorism under the guise of religious extremism plagued the world, the states spread themselves too thin. They were unable to recognize the signs written in history. Eventually, the entire institution was brought down. Some un-named group of patriots fighting for some political theology blew up a government building in a European nation unleashing Greek Fire upon the whole world. Allies turned on one another and so called super-powers crumbled as their foundations were eroded piece by piece. Governments fell leaving vacuums of power. The great restructuring of the world led to the redrawing of nearly every political line on every continent, including those “united states.”

The Federal Government dissolved in a feeding frenzy as States sought to carve their own territory out of the dead carcass of their once great nation. Small states banded together to form coalitions. Big states annexed neighbors to become Commonwealths. Eventually fifty states became forty. Then twenty. Nineteen States survived the reorganization. They became known as the American Alliance. 

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