emotions compared to the seasons

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It's not my best, but it's still good.

JUST COMPARING MY EMOTIOM, mostly my anger the the weather.

xxxtell me what you thinkxx

The wind blows on a still night

the ocean detonates all that is in it's way

peice is lost and my heart stray

winter is near and i do fear

it's cold days that snows

and rainy days that strikes lightening and thunder


My emotions are clear as crystal

it is like the seasons coming and going

the ocean singing and the wind bringing

happiness with every blow

now all i know is rainy days

and the winter stays


when will i see the sun rising

and see the rainbow glowing

with every colour shall i compare

with my emotions.


Submitted: August 11, 2007

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I think it's a great piece :) wonderful use of word and comparison to the ocean, wind, seasons. the last line 'every color shall I compare to my emotions' is most true. every emotion we feel changes the color we eminate through our aura. have a graet day, katie :)

Sat, August 11th, 2007 4:26pm


Thank you so much air and i definately do agree with you.

Have a great day yourself.

Sat, August 11th, 2007 9:38am

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