Love like what we had

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Remember the best lover in your life can be happy or it can be sad.

*Love like what we had*

So many memories

So many tears-

You’ve vanished from my life

Without a trace

Moments lost

Moments gained

Losing you was nothing but pain

Your face was like a stain

memories replaying in my brain

Lovers lives unfold

Your love was like gold

Our lives was a novel

Ready to be told

Our story will be unfurled

The greatest love story-

Of all time-

Like Romeo and Juliet

By Shakespeare

Or a song to be singed

With the greatest symphony

And rhythm like my heart beat.

I wish I could take you back

Hope is all I lack

Only observing the clock

Awaiting that last - tick tock

And the last heart beat

Of when times go back and we meet

Once more I will be at your feet.

Submitted: July 24, 2007

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